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  1. We thought the company would have improved as the reviews on them were on year 2009 and 2011, not until we have gone through the same then we realised that a leopard will never able to change it's spots no matter how well they present themselves upfront. We placed our order for 1 king size and 3 single size "Nature's Rest" mattress & divan sets during an expo fair they participated on Dec 2016 and were told and reassured that all we have to do was to give them 1 month advance notice before the actual delivery date. So on beginning March, we called Arthur the sales rep who served us to arrange a delivery on end March , after a few corrrespondences, he confirmed that the delivery can be done on 28 Mar. We were happily expecting for the delivery but only remembered to call 3 days before it to check with him what were the initially agreed free gifts that would come with the delivery, only then that we were told of the king size was not available for the delivery. We were slightly disappointed but thought to give some benefit of doubt since their reason is one of their sales "accidentally" sold off our set, so we gave another their so called 1 month notice to ask for the set to be delivered latest by end Apr. By that time, they sounded unsure and said they can try but latest to deliver by 15 May! Which means to say an item can only delivered 2.5 months from date of notice instead of 1 month which they claimed. They offered a $200 off for compensation but as their uncertainty cause some lost in confidence, we told them that we do not need the $200 off but instead counter proposed that a $200 off weekly if the delivery continue to delay every week, it was something we did not wish for, as we thought as long as the company is confident enough to deliver on what they claimed latest by 15 May, the $200 off weekly will not happen at all! This counter proposal was designed to prevent them from further delay in delivery. Arthur was very happy that we threw back the $200 discount & agreed to our counter proposal verbally, since we had the agreement we thought it would be safer for us to ask for a written agreement on it. We have been chasing him for the written agreement but after 3 days only to find out that they could not agree to our proposal as they could only cap the maximum lost at $300, they said any amount more than that they will lose money!! Such remark shatter our confidence totally in them. Why were they afraid to lose money or why did they see themselves that they will lose money if they were confident enough for the delivery?!?! Which means chances of delays would happened even after 15 May!! We have totally lost confidence in them not only on the delivery date but also worried what would they be delivering to us? Would it be the same quality that we tried during purchase or a different grade? We concluded that they did not have the intention to keep their promise right from the day of our purchase and are now wondering if the 3 single size are of the same quality as our kids have yet to sleep on their beds. Since the company have messed up our "Feng Shui" date, we have to delay to move in our new house now. With all these in our heads, we have decided to "cut loss" and move on, we do not want to have any more dealing with them nor let them come into our house. There was a balance of $2K not paid to them and we just have to cancel the king size knowingly if we were to just order a king size bed alone will cost us more. We have wasted our time and have to go through the searching process again, hopefully anyone who is going to buy from them will not be as unlucky. We have since ordered from King Koil which cost us $3K+ and will deliver next week. Anyway, we understand from reviews that they used to have some office or store at Sungei Kadut but already closed down and according to their Invoice there is a showroom in IMM, we guess they participate in expo fair quite often as we saw their booth twice and both times their booth looks presentable with the Nature's Rest signage, good luck!