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  1. We are installer of special PVC multi-purpose ducting, it can be use as toilet exhaust system/kitchen hood exhaust system/portable aircon output air delivery system and more!! Visit our facebook page to checkout some of our completed projects Portable air con system ducting neatly constructed or yr aircon outlet no more visually ugly flexible tube laying around minimum modification to yr existing windows structure
  2. links to watch more videos https://www.facebook.com/sg.better.home https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU_nfpChZ7JjycgXVhR_qoQ Procedure to build ducting for hood: - Provide us with your floorplan, We will do all necessary designs and plan duct run - Submission to HDB with all necessary details of filtration and type of hoods use, if require by owners. For the responsibility and gracious sake to our neighbours, we need to ensure that sufficient filtration must be use to trap most of the grease and to bring down the smell of expelled cooking fume to a desirable level. whatsapp: 91153853 keith We had send to HDB various lab tested grease level reports of the filtered cooking fume being discharged was at very low level after being filtered, through our experiments. (refer to the bottom of page) We had also send to HDB health reports that inhaling recirculated cooking fume could lead to serious health problem like lung cancer ETC. links to watch more videos https://www.facebook.com/sg.better.home https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU_nfpChZ7JjycgXVhR_qoQ Completion of above project BTO projects BTO projects Resale HDB Project Resale HDB Project Condo Project Condo Project Landed Houses Project Landed Houses Project links to watch more videos https://www.facebook.com/sg.better.home https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU_nfpChZ7JjycgXVhR_qoQ We are builder of Special imported PVC airduct that caters to Singapore housing needs from flats to condominiums, we think that a good ventilation is so important and worth investing, this is because living in a flat, the air quality is mostly stuffy and cooking without a good ventilation is very unhealthy ESPECIALLY when using a recirculating hood, this is supported by various scientific studies and findings. In various countries as we had seen, flats or most houses are build with a VENTILATION duct that u can connect your hood output air flow to them, that lead to a public underground airflow “tunnel” much like our sewage system tunnels or roof tops ETC. Many or most Singapore family cook without a good ventilation system, at the most you can buy a good fancy recirculation hood it looks like that. If u study the picture carefully, there are 2 filters for this kind of hood namely the grease filter and the charcoal filter(I am quite sure 98% of u don’t know about the charcoal filter). Having said that, the question is how efficient is this kind of hood? Well, if you are a flat owner, with this fancy hood and you cook before, I am quite sure you knew the answer. Its useless, Why? Yes although the 2 filters did their job, filtering more than 95% of the grease from the cooking fume it “inhale”(This is supported by our experiment with Lab certified results, attached are pictures of experiment and the lab report). And the charcoal filter remove most of the odour in the warm cooking air that passes though it. Allow me to pose a few questions Firstly, can the hood suck the warm air and cool it down, no! common sense tells! The warm air from the gas stove keeps on recirculating in your kitchen, meaning it will get warmer and warmer and carbon dioxide will get higher and higher, is this good for your lungs? Secondly, if you are using gas stove who knows what is inside the combusted gas that will also recirculate in your kitchen? Imagine lighting a gas stove in your bedroom when you sleep, I am not sure if you are going to get up from your sleep or not. Thirdly, and MOST importantly cooking fume contains CARCINOGEN (a substance capable of causing cancer in living tissue) Various reports and studies have strongly indicated inhaling cooking fume might lead to lung cancer and other respiratory diseases, Please read this link: http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore/cancer-cooking-wok Therefore by using special ducting to re-route the output Filtered air out of your kitchen is DEFINITELY necessary! our experiment on the grease level at the output lab report links to watch more videos https://www.facebook.com/sg.better.home https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU_nfpChZ7JjycgXVhR_qoQ