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  1. I am writing to share a very bad experience I had encountered after purchasing a Lista FRC Table (Concrete table) and 2 Squared Concrete Stool from Martlewood Pte. Ltd (UEN: 201511408C). Months ago, I wanted to purchase both items from Casterly as they seemed to be more established than Martlewood. However, the item I wanted went out of stock and I had to choose an alternative shop to purchase it. I chanced upon Martlewood after a search on the net and found the rating of their facebook page to be acceptable before proceeding to purchase from them in May 2017, not knowing this is a beginning of a bad bad experience in weeks to come. The total cost of item amounts to $777.00 (No promotion/discount) and I was told that I had to pay a 50% deposit ($388.50) to "secure" the item and to arrange a date for the delivery. To which I gladly agree as I understand the standard practice of the market and do not want to miss my items again. I was promised that all items will be delivered between Mid to End June 2017. Sadly, weeks later I received a Whatsapp message from Sharon Chan informing me that the items will be delayed for 1 week until the first week of July (I would consider it as a delay of 2 weeks as the earliest date of delivery agreed before is Mid-June). But I am fine with it. After this incident, I decided to do more research on Martlewood before realizing their reputation is not that good after all. Scam from companies which may be linked to Martlewood. Screenshots of real conversation exchange: I would leave it up to you to read the rest of the conversation if you are interested in our exchanges (refer to screenshots below), at times I try to be accommodating and understanding, however her lousy attitude and lack of professionalism "triggered" me and caused to be annoyed at Martlewood's after-sales services. Not a post to pass judgement, just want to share this experience and hope this does not happen to anyone. 2nd time her phone crash. What are the chances the "phone crash" is real? Always at the crucial moment. Tuesday, 18th July 2017. Tbh, the bolts doesn't help much, because the rubber padding will always be misaligned no matter how I shift the table top. Also. I feel it is a basic sales courtesy to inform the customer there will be these extra bolts drilled into a smaller table before they confirm the order? I remember asking her if the smaller table will be of an exact design to the one that was displayed at the store (which is bigger). To which she told me the colour will vary slightly as this is concrete - I understand and acknowledged that before placing my order. But! she did not inform me there will be holes, bolts and metal plates drilled into my table. Do you think I would like to go through another round of tug-of-war with Martlewood? Nope, I don't. Who knows, they might come up with some other excuses to not refund me my money. Nice try Sharon, nice try. That's the last message from her.