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  1. Thanks a lot! Yes my property is freehold. We are thinking if we should spend 300k to do it up nicely as we need to strip the floors and redo all the furniture, electrical wiring and all, or we rebuild it. A&A seems to be very troublesome and neither here nor there. Just wondering which is a better form of investment if we are looking to keep the place for more than 10 years as we are going to live in it.
  2. Thanks for your quick response! Assuming the semi d was bought at 3mil, how much of the A&A value or rebuilt value and be translated into resale value of the house? Given that most 2 story semi d in that area are selling in the range of 2.9 to 3.4.
  3. Hi all, just want to get some advice as a new home owner. I just bought an old 2 story Semi - D with land size 3300 sqft. Current floor size 2000 sqft. The doors, fans, ceilings, bathroom and all are very old. Basically requires quite some ID work. The land size is not maximized. Side walk and backyard still have a lot of grass. I'm wondering if we should do A&A or rebuilt the house? We still want 2 story but with larger living space. We would like to extend the living room side ways and the rooms on the second floor sideways too so that the rooms are bigger. Is it better to do A&A or just to tear it all down and rebulid it to a brand new 2 story semi-d? What are the cost involved and what are the pros and cons of this? I hope not to exceed 600k if we rebuild. Newbie so need a lot of help please. thanks!