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  1. Hi, I am also a new member here. By the way, how come every post that I posted will have so much profile details showing up below my avatar? I can't find a way to remove those details in the Settings. Even my cell-phone number is displayed. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks in advance.
  2. My new 4-room BTO is Standard. So I need to install bathroom and bedroom doors as well. The living room and kitchen also need floor tiles. The bathrooms need accessories since they already have the toilet bowls. I never know a Standard package lacks so much things.
  3. Hi, So you just buy the furnishings separately and ask the contractor to install for you? Do you check on the renovation process 3 times a week? Can you PM me the contractor's name? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I will be collecting my house keys this September and my BTO is Standard. I was wondering whether will there be an interior designer that is willing to just do basic renovations? In other words, I just need plastering, painting, installing floor tiles, bathroom accessories and the air-con system. I do not need false ceiling or fancy interior designs. If the renovation is too simple, is it advisable to just engage a contractor instead? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, I am waiting to collect my house keys this month (September) and I am still looking for either a contractor / interior designer to renovate my house. Maybe you can PM me this company's name so that I can avoid it immediately. Thanks in advance.