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  1. Scrutinizing a disturbing invisible trend (among Singaporean youths) up close and personal: Hikikomori In S’pore And Why Young People Are ‘Imprisoning’ Themselves In Their Rooms
  2. It takes so much energy to hate......hopefully the writer will be able to find it within himself to finally let go and move on. CNY reopens painful old wounds
  3. Aye or nay-what say you? Should mobile phones be banned in schools?
  4. Wholesome advice I believe local university undergraduates can take heed of as well: University students: how to manage the stress of studying for your degree
  5. One of my favourite writers Monica Lim supports the repealing of section 377A, and makes quite a strong case for it: Why I, a Christian, believe 377A should be repealed
  6. Kid with quite a bit of pent up angst within lets it all out: School kills me.
  7. Yet another netizen rips into the "Life Beyond Grades" initiative: Something about this #lifebeyondgrades campaign pisses me off
  8. A dispassionate, thoughtful dissection of the "Life Beyond Grades" initiative: For Low-SES Students, Not Focusing on Grades is an Impossible Dream
  9. Do you concur with this netizen? Best channel to import legal immigrants into SG: Accept them into mainstream primary schools
  10. Reflections by a H2 Literature student: JC student shares about experience studying H2 Literature
  11. As usual we have drawn up a Medisave contribution schedule for private tutors based on their income and age group for this accounting year; do remember to pay up, because you could be hauled to court for not doing so. How much does the tutor need contribute to his Medisave account (2018)?
  12. Advice dispensed by a lecturer in psychology worth taking note of: A-levels: how to stop stressing over exam results
  13. Do you reckon this youngster has the chops for the job? Should I become a journalist?
  14. A rather rigorous, dispassionate comparison of both curricula: A-levels vs the International Baccalaureate: which makes a more rounded student?
  15. A tiny overview of what to expect of the new Data Science and Analytics Degree Programme offered by NUS: Shedding light on the Data Science and Analytics Degree Programme by NUS