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  1. He comes across as a very amiable person, yet has problems completing a job. Get him if you want a handyman who can't complete a simple job after 1 month or a quack job like the tile laying below. Aero, aka Yeo Choon Seng, 92300372 Today he has abandoned his job, leaving me without a door frame- which he had taken out and tried cutting. He cut the edges but stopped, saying that the battery for his tools has depleted although I saw him using the electrical plug. I suspect that he realised that cutting the door would cause the tempered glass to crack but I will only find out if my suspicion is true when another handyman turns up. Edit- Another handyman turned up 1.5 hours later and said that using a mechanical tool would cause cracks so he manually sawed off the rest of the portion left by Aero. Him and his partner could not believe the poor handywork. His partner picked up a tile that Aero supposedly laid and it came off without any problems. They shook their heads when I recounted that Aero had intended to place the old concrete circular tiles next to the square tiles. TLDR version- this guy can't finish simple jobs, gave bad advice,postponed coming 3 times within the span of a month, thinks that measuring the thickness of tiles 'isn't (his) obligation and ultimately WALKED OUT on a job leaving me without a door, uncured exposed cement and badly laid tiles.' The door was left on the main roof terrace- I suspect he realised that it can't be cut without damaging the tempered glass and pretended that his cutting tool had no more battery even though he was using an electrical plug. 1. He can't finish jobs. He first came on 28th August. Today is the 30th September(more than a month later). and he has yet to cut and replace the rusty casing covering my wires- the first time because he didn't have the proper tools, the second time because his cutter wasn't strong enough to cut through the metal. Today is the 30th September and the job is still not done. He frequently makes an appointment and then cancels without so much as informing you. I would always need to follow up on whether he would be coming. The huge mirror which he mounted and which he ensured was 'secure' despite my reservations was dislodged by my cat. He hasn't done anything to rectify it. I have had to resort to blu-tack as a temporary measure. 2. He gives bad advice and can't do basic due diligence like measuring the tiles because 'that's not (his) obligation'. On his advice, I bought tiles for him to overlay. Only after the tiles have been bought and he had laid some of it did he tell me that the door to the terrace would not open unless it was cut, but of course I shouldn't worry. 3. He talks a really big game and assured me that he would pay for a new door if there were any problems when I expressed my reservations about him cutting the door. When he said he was going to walk out of the job and I threatened him that he would never get another job off Gumtree, he said 'I don't need the money'. On another day when he came to finish laying the rest of the tiles, he casually remarked that the difference in the depth of the tiles was so huge that he would need a second layer, very different from the measurements that I had given him. When I told him that I hadn't given him any measurements and that the tiles were already in my house for him to inspect and measure himself before laying the first batch, his reply was- 'That's not my obligation'. Later on I found out that he had intended to lay the old circle tile next to the square tiles, instead of what we discussed- overlaying them over all the old tiles. Never mind that this would create a problem not only aesthetically but logistically given that water was going to collect in between the old and new tiles when it rains. When I called his job rubbish, he took offence and used that as an excuse to leave- a job really badly done and me without a door. Over the span of 1 month, he has postponed coming 3 times. Anyway, the photos would speak for themselves. You can see the old circular tiles which he planned on placing next to the square tiles despite me remembering him saying that it would be placed over the tiles and 'not to worry. Aero is here'.