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  1. Hi all, just want to share my experience with St Paris, you can find them on facebook easily. We were shifting house and were looking at vinyl flooring for the house. We found St Paris through fb and went down to their showroom on 17th Aug. Payment made in full (our mistake, should never pay in full) as they insist and need it for shipment to come in. Date was tentative placed as 5th Oct Come first week of Oct, my ID contacted them to deliver and install on 3rd oct (we are okay with 5th oct as well but please see below) but the reply from Adrian (their staff) was he will check and get back to us. After 2 3 days of checking and follow up, he got back saying shipment can only come later and installation can only be 15th oct. Question is, so where did they put my money to if it was not used to place orders. I believe from mid aug till early oct, there is no way the stock wouldn't have arrive if St Paris did place their orders. Adrian kept on asking us down to rechoose another design and as we are busy, we said just send us photo. We decide to make the best out of it and just choose another one(lets call this the 2nd choice), but guess what, upon choosing another design, adrian inform us this is out of stock as well. So why bother showing us. I decided to call the boss Alex and he told me he will settle. Reply was slow and ended up adrian gave us our 2nd choice (phew), we thought the worst is over. Come installation, timing was cock up. 4 installers came but there was no vinyl so they ended up sleeping for 1 hr plus. Okay nvm, cock up happens right? After doing, they inform not enough stock, one of my room is like 3/4 done. (huh? I was literally huh?) Okay nvm, we insist they come back the next day and complete the job which alex and adrian did make it happen. Maybe you guessed it right, the stock came the next day but not the installer. So my poor ID again waited till installer come and do up the remaining. Of course it now looks completely different from what I chose, they decided for me the skirting as well. I don't know whats the purpose of me going down in the first place. I contact their fb and wrote a comment to ask them to contact me but they delete and block me. I apps alex and his reply was simple. Job done right? What i want? Job done? Yes after so much trouble and liaising Good job done? Definitely no Responsibility? Okay la, at least like what he said. Job done Just be careful of them and use at your own discretion