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  1. Not sure if i'm too late. I had the exact same door and i installed an older model of the Yale digital viewer. the person actually had to put a few pieces of wood to fill up the gap between and secure the viewer in place.
  2. Brand new beautiful designer table, bought at wrong size so letting go. Selling at S$469. Interested party please PM me or whatsapp me at 9695 4576. Size 800mm
  3. Moving out sale, all items to go and are at EXCELLENT condition. SMS and whatsapp only @ 96954576. Cash and self-collection only, location at Hougang. 1 Washing Machine (Samsung WF-7750) purchased at 899 selling at 199 2 Fridge (Samsung RT-62WAMT) purchased at 979 selling at 250 3 Dining Set (1 full glass table 1.6m, 6 chairs) purchased at 1645 selling at 470 4 Painting (九福金画) purchased at 240 selling at 70 5 Painting (Green forest and sheeps) purchased at 240 selling at 70 6 L-shape Sofa Fabric (HYF 920) purchased at 2100 selling at 600 7 Crystal bowls x 2 purchased at 200 selling at 60 8 Side coffee table purchased at 100 selling at 30 9 Living room coffee table purchased at 420 selling at 120 10 Bedside lamps x 2 purchased at 267 selling at 80 11 Bedside tables x 2 purchased at 260 selling at 80 12 3 drawer chest selling at 30 13 Ikea armchair purchased at selling at 49 14 TV console purchased at 450 selling at 99 15 Study Table purchased at 580 selling at 99 16 Sealy Mattress King Size with stand (Teddy Bear Limited Edition) purchased at 3499 selling at 1200
  4. Recently, there are black little spots of mold forming outside the wall of my masterbedroom. We believe it is caused by the condensation from the aircon inside our room blowing at this wall, cos prior to the appearance of the mold, the outside wall was very damp, and you can literally see the water mark dripping down. The interior wall is fine though. How can i solve this problem?? How to get rid of the mold (i heard it's very hazardous to health)? How do i prevent it from recurring since we can't shift the position of the aircon. We don't blow it directly at the wall, but somehow i think it just became very cold cos it's the same direction. All suggestion appreciated cos we just shifted for about 6 months only.
  5. not cheapo la pls, i find u really very resourceful! must learn from you liao!!
  6. summer then we same fate la.. in laws all anti animals 1 hahaha.. to them pets are so dirty, makes us sick haha.. nowadays whenever they bring up the topic we just try to 'siam' and change topic keke so you are the only one taking care of all your cats needs? think next time u preggie and still cleaning their litter, just make sure u clean yr hands thoroughly lor, shd b ok one. so far i'm quite lucky la.. hubby doing most of the dirty work like clearing litter.. if i go into the room i must wear mask leh, no kidding.. sad at times cos they want to get close to me and vice versa but our time together is quite short.. then everytime hug/play with them liao must quickly use the rolller remove the fur before i wash them haha can give me the link to yr t-blog? wanna c yr cats i dun like sand also, terrible, but silicon crystals doesn't work for my cats also leh..
  7. yahloh, nw i've not started work hor, been doing housework almost everyday until i 'hay hay chuan', but somehow still will get dirty one i don't know how to cope after i start to work you are right loh, once u engage them, have to listen la if not will feel uneasy. Like me, i had so many ideas for the house initially, but in the end cannot do cos he say no good
  8. yup got a clean and uniform kind of look. but i was quite put off by the idea initially cos when i viewed some units last time, some owners put tiles also but looked quite 'obiang' ic ic mine also dun have, intially when i mop that time i also scared scared hahaha, now kinda used to it already.
  9. My take is if you really believe and you have such a headache over it, might as well engage a FSM so that he can advise you what to do. Somemore about the orientation of the things u mentioned, it might b different according to yr bazi. Whatever applies to others may not apply to you, just picking up tips like that may not b truly beneficial to you la, that's what i think la Oh mayb different shop, the one i saw at IMM very expensive wor.. Oh u always go turf city eat the Hokkaido buffet har? Thanks jessie! Wait for your boys to get older, then u can change it anytime liao. Yours also very nice leh.. u totally transformed the look of it with such minimal cost!! Good job!! We did 2 sheer organza curtains for dining and balcony, then 1 set day/night (70% blackout) for MBR, and a set of 2 roller blinds for study room, costs us about $1368. They gave me 3 sets of tassels, and another 3 sets sewn in original material. Worksmanship i think not bad, i think can go with them, but price wise I wouldn't know as I was exhausted that time can't b bothered to find more. How many curtains u intend to do? How much were u quoted so far? The bedside table i bought from K&D at sungei kadut, that time still got energy to go there I bought quite a number of stuff there so got disc, both tables cost me slightly less then $400. They are very friendly n helpful. hey huichin, the doors hor, they only do commercial market like hotels, they only make an exception for us for our new house, other than that they dun venture into residential market. Rain shower set from royal fanco, but no invoice with me now, i try to find it let u know
  10. really big EM... envy leh... very nice indeed! is this the biggest EM in SG?? How come one of yr bedroom ceiling so high? looks like presidential suite
  11. yah now i'm haven't find job yet already so tired, i wonder how can i manage once i start work!! so now i really PeiFU those homemaker, it's not an easy job loh haha not only MIL loh, my hubby whole family anti-pets 1 ok. They always quarrel with him over this, but i dun care, my parents nv say anything y they bother. hmm if i really happen to b pregnant, i'll let hubby handle all the litter stuff, cos toxoplasmosis is the only concern. Other than that i don't think it's an issue, except my asthma la. Yr MIL giving u probs har? Guest room no toilet, but we actually asked my ID to do up a drainage pipe to link to our MBR toilet. When we wash up the area and bath them inside the room the water can go directly out. i try to take some pic to show. i tried all types but until today still can't find 1 i like, now back to sand.. but still searching for the perfect litter U got net up yr windows? they also got a room by themselves ah? keke how old r they now?
  12. they are quite settled ordi la.. they only got to roam the house for 1 week wor.. by then my asthma attack came, no choice have to confine them to the guest room. Initially thought bigger space air circulation better won't hv problem, who knows. but the room much bigger than last time so i hope they r happier wah 4 fat cats, think they very good life talking abt housework, yah i've been doing housework almost everyday somemore got peeing prob ard the house, now stinks like ****, but my hubby say he can't smell anything thanks tower, u also in hougang neighbour leh!! yr house also very nice even b4 official renovation. so clean and looks new! sure very nice after reno, somemore don't have to do much! haha initially we daydreamed abt watching tv inside bathroom while soaking in bathtub, but ID say HDB cannot leh. Mayb only landed or private house can. My bathtub very short only leh, 1500mm. My reno so far still below 60k, but keeping my fingers crossed.. Final amt not known yet cos we still hv outstanding things to do, still haven't hand over
  13. orhhh those squeegee har?! oh yah nv thought of that haha thanks! i still find it small, the preparation area like not enough Mine is glass door, FSM say no prob, so long got a door that we can close anytime we like.. if no door we will 'lou cai'. What did yr FSM recommend? Oh i saw that 4 seasons painting at IMM, very very nice, but too ex for us
  14. hi prettibride, i also used tiling for my stairway too! was quite skeptical when my ID suggested that cos i thought it will look nicer with wooden plank on top. However, i love how it turns out to be! Yours is very nice! but how come no gridlines? U use a single big piece of tile??
  15. more pics Balcony Fish tank at the corner of balcony Master Bedroom hahah i still dun bear to remove the stickers, so cute Day/Night curtain in MBR MBR Toilet one of my fav area in the house The corner of the vanity area has 2 shelves for me to put magazines there and read while doing my BIG business