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  1. help! my kitchen and living room carpentry was completed last week. my husband and i pasted some masking over to point out the scratches and chip-offs (some mild scratches and some longggggg deep scratch). our id had just called us to say they can't do anything about the scratches as they are not VERY invisible. the only thing he could do to "repair" the long scratch is to overlay another piece of formica/laminate over it! is there such thing? and he seems to be leaving us no other alternative to this matter. and no other measures will be taken to touch up on the scratches. has anyone experience such encounter before?
  2. @Solidjim85 hi, thanks! have dropped them a fb msg and they say they don't do any customisation they do mass production. thanks anyway!
  3. Looking for recommendations for custom-made dining chair/bench! My dining table is 1950mm hence looking for a bench (with backrest) that is approx 1800mm long. Couldn't find any dining bench that is this long in several stores incl Comfort Design Looking for 3pcs of dining chair that's matching to the bench. Hence I guess it's likely I have to custom make one. Got quoted $1000-$1400 for ONE 1800mm custom-made bench and it's way over my budget. Looking for recommendations pls! Thanks! Preferably a bench that's like in the pic
  4. hi huphoerw, can pm me the contact pls? thanks!