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  1. Many thanks! I will give it a try tonight. Recently, due to the monsoon i supposed. Its really getting windy outta there. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, If there's a stopper for doors, is there such a stopper for casement window? Whereby, will prevent the window from swinging close due to strong wind? Recently, i have been encountering this at home, and i dun dare to open my window just be cuz I'm afraid that the strong wind might just smash my window and endanger any passerby downstairs. Any home owners encounter this also? Pls enlighten...
  3. Yup,... im sure its not plastering. Cos i was there when the painter paint that block of wall. But i didnt ask them what is that white finish. but its smooth for sure. That erected wall is for my TV console. But currently mine, is really powdery. Not just the feel.
  4. I have an erected hollow block wall in my living room. just cement screed and with a layer of white finishing (not plastering), and paint over with Nippon paint. It looks good. I can take a photo of it when im back in SG next few days...
  5. So you didnt have any finishing for your new screed?
  6. In my quote, there's isnt any painting inclusive. Well,... it may sound cheem, but not really ar. The timber strips will be on the walkway. I'm thinking of getting those pple that do marble polishing to polish it. Just wondering if it works...
  7. In fact, there's a mix of timber teak and cement screed with metal inlays. But the floor area for the sand screed isnt big. Its about a normal bedroom size. I was promised by my ID that the effect will be smooth and a bit of gloss. And that cost me almost 1k for it. Im so worried now, so i need advise here... Will machine polish helps, instead of using sand paper? i never heard of that really...
  8. The ID has yet to paint with lacquar. I have not confirm with him yet, cos it sounds so weird, isnt it?
  9. Hi, I desperately need some advice on this. Recently, I'm having renovation work for my house, and I had chose to have cement sand screed for my living room. My ID told me not to have Epoxy finishing, cos it will looks 'patchy' after some time, instead, he will be painting it over with lacquar to get that 'gloss' and smooth effect. As, its my first time being a home owner and going through this renovation work, i have no idea about it. Is there anyone who's having cement screed for flooring? I have a few questions; 1. Normally, what is the kind of finishing for cement sand screed? *my ID got 2 workers to my place and use sand paper to 'sand' the cement sand screed* 2. Will those pple from 'marble polishing' work be able to do polishing on cement sand screed to give a 'smooth' and 'semi-gloss' flooring? 3. The floor is always 'powder' and dusty no matter how i try to clean and sweep it, is it normal? Any kind soul out there, pls advise. Many thanks!