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  1. Thank you all for the detailed replies. I did view more than 15 flats with different agents in the same area and considered their prices, locations, and conditions, and finally fixed on this one. The price for this one, as compared to other flats I viewed, is reasonable, especially with its conditions. That's how I made my decision on signing the OTP. However, today I just heard that the resale price listed by HDB _includes_ the COV. That's why I feel paying too much. With your comments, I can see: 1. The listed resale prices might be manipulated. 2. Latest prices might not be reflected in the HDB list. 3. No one said I'm paying too much. Now I feel much better =) Thanks again!
  2. I've signed OTP for a flat. Asking price 380K (Valuation 345 + 35). But I've checked the recent resale transaction prices in hdb.gov.sg and found the same area sold at most at 360K (that's even higher floors than mine). Am I being ripped off here? My first appointment is in March. Can I ask for re-valuation for the flat now? And if the re-valuation turns out to be even higher price, can I choose to keep the old one? Thanks in advance for your comments!
  3. Thank you Phantom! Seems Eunos Court (Eunos Crescent BLK 31-36) is very very new. Do you happen to have any info about it? !!
  4. Hi, If the west side seeking doesn't go through. We will be looking at the east side as I'm working in Changi area. Dear readers, do you have any recommendations for HDB flats on the east side? Hopefully it's near MRT and newer than 2000. Or where can I check these information? Seems I can't find anything on HDB website regarding existing blocks. Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm a total noob here. Recently viewed a unit at 16+ floor Bt Gombak. It's decorated pretty well. Kitchen is like those condo ones with built-in cabinets. Bath rooms have glass screens and never-used water heaters. And owner never lived in before. So it's basically a new unit. Valuation at 345K and COV at 35K. Is this a reasonable price for this 90sqm 4rm unit? And how could I negotiate on the price if it's too high? Thanks in advance for your advice!