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  1. Hi, does anyone know the real meaning & purpose of housewarming? I mean, yes, we invite our friends to come over to celebrate our new place but someone told me the real purpose is to have as many people in & out of the house to create a situation of abundance. Is this true? One even told me that he only buys a show unit cos over the months, can you imagine the number of people who have stepped in & out of this particular unit to view it? Anyone care to share their knowledge & view?
  2. Dear Mr Chong Thank you for your reply. Here is the ground floor layout plan again with some notes indicated. Some answers to your questions are :- Toilet in MBR is only used by me & hubby (once in the morning and once at night). Rest of the day, we can minimise use of it and use the ground floor toilets if this helps. Outside main gate (road) is facing similar type of houses. Sorry no pics at the moment. Please note:- There is glass sliding door between wet & dry kitchen, so may not be able to place stove at the place you recommended. Any alternatives? There is also another toilet on the first floor at the same corner where the kitchen is on the ground floor. Another major problem for us? Thank you for your frank comments.
  3. Dear Mr Chong, I would like to seek your advise if this property is suitable for our own stay. It is a 2 1/2 storey link house with the living/dining/kitchen on the ground floor (road level). MBR and 2 other rooms on the first floor. The family area, guest & maid rooms are on the lower ground floor). My husband's gua no is 1 and mine is 3 and both of us belong to the East group. House is facing NE. We would like to seek your advise on general fengshui of this house as we would like to move into this property when it is ready. Advise needed on the following:- (i) general layout of the property. (2) location of kitchen & toilet on the ground floor ok? Where to place hob & hood (stove)? (3) can I paint the dining room in yellow? (4) main door ok? (5) MBR location ok? Placement of bed? Wall color of room? (6) MBR toilet location is right above main door. How to remedy this situation??? (7) Any other comments? Thank you!
  4. May I know how to post a floor layout plan into this forum? I would like to seek your further advise - thanks!
  5. My new place has got the toilet/shower on the first floor (inside master bedroom) that is located right above the main door on the ground floor. How do I save this situation? Please help!
  6. I've been reading through the internet and it says that is a no no to have the stove on one side of the wall and have the other side as the toilet. I mean for illustration purposes, if I draw a line downwards (like the alphabet I), imagine that this line is the wall (from top view). On the left is the stove (inside the wet kichen) and the toilet is on the right side of the line (outside the wetkitchen). Any remedy if I want to maintain the position of the stove & the toilet?
  7. Hi, wanted to continue on this old thread as I have a headache as to where to place my stove. Can the stove share the same wall as the toilet? I mean on one side of the wall is the stove (inside the wet kitchen) and the other side of that wall is the toilet (outside the wet kitchen). I mean, I cant see the toilet from where you are standing at the stove cos it is on the other side of the wall. Nor can I hear the flushing of the toilet cos there is a sliding door to the wet kitchen as well. Please advise thanks.