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  1. Dish rack cabinet should always be at least 4 inches down from the top cabinet. But not too low or it will hit your head or those with industrial taps cannot be installed. Look at what my contractor did as shown. He also streamlined the LED under the dishrack with a light palmet and with his original abstract art glass, wow ... so beautiful! No IDs can do this locally and I have checked. All my friends and relatives loved this. Overall, I renovated my kitchen and I am very pleased.
  2. Owners should always appoint a HDB licenced renovation contractor and there is no reason no to do so since there are probably 5000 of them. HDB licensed contractors are seldom scams since they have a $5000 monetary bond with HDB. If they run away, they will surely lose their license. File a police report against him. Only just be careful of contractors such as this scam contractor who borrow license to do renovation works. Check with HDB site since the license is tagged to the license holder.
  3. It is most likely the maxbond glue reacting over time with the spray paint which may have solvent in it. It has nothing to do with the thickness of the tempered glass which is either 5 mm or 6 mm. Owners should consider art design glass backing which are much nicer and it seems the artist supplier has eliminated this problem. Go and see his forum thread by Renotalk and there is a Renotalk article on him. Here is my kitchen done by Kenso.