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  1. I am a designer , has been in market for very long time , anything you guys want to ask just feel free to ask me I will serve you with my opinion
  2. Vortrell is located at North Star , can customize size , color , material and the price are direct and transparent if you look for sofa and dinning table please do go there and take a look
  3. Are you new in renovation and does not know where to start ? Don’t worry read the main point and it will help you I have been in this industry for ten years , I am writing this article to help you . What customer really want ? Like and also the best for their home . What are the key factor that customer looking for ? this is to help Customer who just started their reno and do not know what to do let me break down the few things for you Main factor 1) COST/Materiel Customer always worry , will he over charge me ? Will he charge me example ten dollar cost but he charge me $20 he earn 1x of the actual cost I paid ? I don’t feel good if he charge me that way answer : I always charge my customer cost and I will be transparent with how much I earn at the end of the day does this sound good to u ? Earning :If ID dont earn what they suppose to earn I am sure no one will want to renovate or design your house , they need to supervise your house for 1-2 month depend of the work to be done and also they need to cover your warranty if anything happens to your house . Some ID earn by design some just earn by coordination work Materiel: what you pay is what you get , you can’t be paying a 1.5 Toyota car for a price of a 2 liter BMW 2) Design : Is he the best ? Everyone have their own creativity , if you want wow factor than you must be ready to pump in more cash but for normal design price of course they are standard in the market Design fee : Why is he always want to collect design fee from me ? Design fee is a appreciation of token to your ID and also showing your sincerity , many customer just make use of ID to get their Idea and price than disappear therefore ID collect to confirm the project and also to come up to a conclusion Answer : if you have something in mind or found any nice design in google u can always send you ID the picture u want to customize and the rest u should leave it to him to plan for you because all the size and area of the flat are different . You can’t fit a landed design into a hdb if the space are insufficient, 3D are only people who always want to play safe about color contrast and also to have a better view ,my advice to people who don’t have great imagination please pump in some cash on 3D and people who know what design they want already there is no necessarily to spend on 3D 3) Services ( attitude ) human can never be perfect , sometime they pick up call late maybe they are busy with other more project than yours , as long as they reply and do their job I believe customer will appreciate them after sales services are important , I always service my customer after few years till now of my renovation anyone had a point of views of this post please do comment below thanks 😊 this are the before and after project we had done need any idea please DM me here I’m open to topics