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  1. Hi, I've got a motor issue. My motor stopped working tonight. I tried to replace the fuse but that was not it. When I take the cover off of the motor it works fine. I think there is an obstruction in the front valve. Could this be the culprit? I cannot get a look through the PVC piping that makes up the valve going to the outside. I tried from the outside and it feels like there is an obstruction right toward the end. If that is the culprit I will need to cut the pipe to get to it. I need to fix this really fast as I don't have much water stored in my tank. For that, I am searching for an emergency service. Do you know if there is any who can fix this ASAP? My friend suggested emergency plumbing services in Calgary
  2. Hi All, I am Joseph and I am moving to my new house next weekend. The new house is a little bit smaller compared to the house I am living in now. So I have decided to remove all the big appliances and old furniture that requires more space and all the other stuff that are useless to me. Old appliances and furniture won't be looking good in my new house. So I decided to buy new furniture and new appliances. The new look will provide freshness in my new house. But the problem is that, where should I dump my old furniture and appliances. Do you guys know anyone who takes such things or should I go for disposal services companies?