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  1. Sigh. We were not aware that we were supposed to check for defects after hacking and before they install the glass, kitchen countertop and tall unit. Our ID also didn’t advise that such defects could have happened. Naively thought that defect check could/should only done after everything was done, so painful lesson learnt there. Spoken to another ID who concurred with what you said, that nothing could be done except to overhaul the whole setup, which is probably too costly and time consuming. As for the black marks, the ID tried thinner but it didn’t seem to work. The second ID said the marks could have already penetrated/seeped into the tile. Meeting the ID and his supervisor this weekend, so let’s see. Probably seeking compensation but we’re not sure how much should we be asking...
  2. Hi all, Badly need some advice here. My wife and I have endured a really difficult renovation journey and the only consolation is that it is coming to an end. Our original ID left the company and we had no rapport with the replacement ID. The workmanship of his sub-contractors were also not up to mark. One example is the chipped tile shown in the photos attached. We were not happy with the rectification as the defects were still very obvious. The ID explained to us that it is common to have chipped tiles when there's hacking of wall but had he told us earlier, we might not even have chosen to hack the kitchen wall. We thought that his explanation was unacceptable. We paid quite a bit to hack the wall and install the glass but the end result is as such. There's also a black mark on the tile which the ID said was caused during the hacking and could not be removed. He actually suggested using liquid paper. Do you guys have any suggestions what can be done to salvage this situation? We have not paid the remaining 5% of the fees yet. Thanks very much in advance.