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  1. Thank you All for the response. Didnt find much from BCA Be Good Neighbours on some guidelines from BCA but still thankful for the tips. Surveyors came to take picture before the construction proceed. Now structure is done. Are the contractors suppose to get the Surveyor in to take pictures of the damages they have done or the contactor will do it themselves? So how do they measure the existing cracks? I do have some hairline cracks before the construction and it got worst as they were piling the ground. I'm wondering how to tackle this issue. Pls kindly advise.
  2. Hi Can anyone advise me how this works? Should there be a surveyor coming to take pictures of the house before they start work and after the structure is done? Can the builders only repaint that particular area which they damage or should the piece of wall be repaint? Is there any guidelines where i can obtain informations? Many thanks