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  1. Hello, I saw these small bugs, which are either booklice or mouldmite, i dont have mould, flat is pretty new so I think its booklice. My flat is tiny. 1 bed and super cold. Havent cared much but went crazy after i saw them on makeup brushes/ clothes i wore, lamps. Been noticing them but in really tiny numbers like 1 or 2 a month. However, after i left flat for 4 months in summer, came back to a totally infested flat. Tried fumigation 3 times on every. Single. Thing!!! Sprayed, wiped walls with bleach and cleaned everything with mould control, dehumidified the house, took out all foods. Dry cleaned all clothes and laundered the rest at highest temp. Ruined my clothes .Changed sheets,, brought steam clean company. NOTHING CHANGED. NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Made sure my ventilation worked! Paid for portable air con!! I spent almost £7,000 on trying to live comfortably. They never went away. Kept coming back. Infested all my items again. Now i have to pay the same price + moving and new flat costs. Honestly, my advice is if you can move, do so. I have one heck of a job to make in packing all my stuff and disenfecting them before moving to my new flat+ cleaning all my clothing items again. It is a hassle but if you have a bug phobia like me, dont spend anything on trying to get rid of these buggers. Just move out. Theyre tiny so its really hard- almost impossible to get rid of them. And my flat was tiny. Imagine a house or a bigger flat? Just glad im leaving the place. Good luck to anyone having this issue. Its a nightmare.