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  1. $99 Almost brand new Rarely use Dimensions : 50x50x45cm Tags: Side, wood, metal, loft, lorenzo, lush, ohm, air, xzqt, courts, ikea, sofa
  2. Hi, One of the most difficult things to find.... in terms of reasonable price & nice aesthetic... Besides vhive (shortlisted this place at the moment), any recommendation for places selling cheap/good/nice wardrobes? To be more specific, here's some 'criteria' which I'm looking out for : 1. Ready made 2. Not looking for those from places such as Be*g Tu*n/M*si*/Sil*ver R*ver 3. Durability (e.g. seen a few review on IKEA & will probably give this a miss) 4. With compartment & pants holder like IKEA's system TIA!!!
  3. Hey peez, thanks u for the invaluable reco. will check those out!!
  4. Hi, Any recommendation to get nice & reasonable priced stainless steel dining chairs? Those with thin sleek legs. TIA!
  5. Hi, Can someone send me the contact of the carpenter? Pls email dotcom_ski@hotmail.com TIA!!!
  6. Hi, I'm in the process of getting a resale flat. am wondering what is the procedure to lay my hands on a floor plan as my seller dun hv one. Any kind soul staying ard Yishun area has a copy of 5I floor plan? TIA!