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  1. Hi Blue Tulip, I am having the exact same situation as you. and i am also put into a HH grade which i found absolutely disagreeable. I have also got rejected by 3 bank OCBC/RHB and Standard Chartered. Sadly to say this. And I have to find an alternative but unavail to do so, sadly. I just gotten my BTO keys since 6th Dec 2018, and i engaged to an ID, and now all bank rejected and i am lost as you are. any response from anyone out there to help us, and advice. Regards, Sad Mommy
  2. Dear Reno talk. I got my keyes to our new bto flat and went through 3 banks ocbc cimb rhb, all was not approved. I am so sad and depress. Where can any bank help me on my reno loan as i need 20k for my reno? I am really lost now. Can anyone is the same situation and can anyone advice. :.(
  3. Hi can anyone here help. :( i just got the keys to my new home and taking up reno loan from RHB OCBC and CIMB all 3 got rejected. I am sad now and felt miserable. My credit score is HH. Heavy family commitments in financial. I am so lost. Can anyone here can advise, what banks that can be able to approve despite of my credit score? :.(