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  1. rkw67

    Trenzol premium collection

    Hi, can you share when you ordered and when it was delivered?
  2. rkw67

    Trenzol premium collection

    Please don't buy from them. He may have received his curtains but they are not what he ordered and they delayed for very long. Many others have also been waiting and are still waiting (including me).
  3. rkw67

    Trenzol premium collection

    Have you received the curtains already by the way?
  4. rkw67

    Trenzol premium collection

    I see. Someone from there came down to do measurement already and now he's asking to pay the balance of the 70% by transferring to a Dbs current account. I'm quite hesitant to proceed..
  5. rkw67

    Trenzol premium collection

    Hi, can I know how you managed to get them to let you pay upon installation? They are asking me to pay 70% once measurement taken.
  6. rkw67

    Trenzol premium collection

    Hi, I also ordered curtains and blinds from them last week. So far they have made appointment to come down and measure, at which point they want 70% payment. They say that most likely can only deliver after CNY. I've only paid $500 deposit so far, and am wondering if I should just cut my losses and cancel the order instead of risking almost $3k
  7. rkw67


    Hi, just wondering if anyone has bought from Trenzol and received their items? I ordered curtains and blinds from them with a $500 deposit, and they mentioned that they will be collecting 70% of the total cost when they come down to take measurements. I did not think much of it at first, but then later decided to do some research and saw the threads with Alex Tan, Contempo, etc and now I'm concerned that I may have been scammed. They've arranged to come down to my place this week to take measurements and collect 70% payment (about 3k), so I really don't know if I should go ahead or just cancel it. Can anyone advise please?