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  1. Life is getting more more expensive and uncertain. Luckily children are all grown up. Used to struggle and slogs. Do keep the money tight, at least it will keep alot of problem rationing to the dollars and cents away. That many worries away and your life is not so fearful.
  2. This geomancer master tank even my children's and relatives are using him in their own homes. It been a great and long number of years. Can see that he is very popular. But honestly, he is very friendly and hate superstition. Just like he say, you can call him anytime and he will reply. No regrets. But be shocked abit when he explain to you what fengshui and what is superstition. I myself did.
  3. I have a leaking problem 2 when I replaced my old units. They did not change any of the pipes and it leaks again. I forgot the company name but they have quite a few branch. I will update if I remember.
  4. Recently, brought a TV from Audio house. They give a cash voucher (online) that can offset for the next payment and will not expire. It seem to be a good deal, as I got a $3xx cheap 40 inch TV and with the discount it cheaper than 32 inch. Anyone have any recent experience? Is the voucher real ?