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  1. Hey, it has been a bit long since I visited this board. I'm having an extremely tight schedule of work these months, mostly till March. So you can assume that this visit won't be for any usual chit chats! My mom is working on a DIY project to create an outdoor shed using shipping containers! She is fond of crafting, home improvement DIYs etc. As a 60+ years old mom, she had never bothered me for anything, all she wants is just love. Unfortunately, this is the first time she is seeking slight bits of help from me for her new project and I'm having a hectic schedule at work! Even though I found time and bought her a shipping container to build the shed. It has been more than a month and she is doing everything on her own, I'm guilty that I couldn't help her much! The shed creation is on the last stage now and she is working on its interiors. Two months back, when she discussed this plan over dinner and I only imagined a barn-like structure. But yesterday I went to the yard and seen this shed and got surprised because it is so beautiful with a roof garden and a tiny coffee area. Already it is very creative, yet my mom wishes to have a pro touch in the interior designing(only in the coffee area! ) and I'm ready for it too. Unluckily, I'm running out of time to research this or accompany her to various interior designers. She is ok but I don't want to let her do it alone. I guess you may realize the reason for today's visit now, yes guys please suggest to me, some experts to do interior designing for a shipping container! It is a single container structure, and we only need the pro service for the coffee area of the same, thus it would be a small project. So before referring this scenario to any firm or pros please make this point clear. If everything falls in place, we would love to start the work ASAP. I'm ready to spend optimally depending on the service quality!
  2. Hey, Our primary home is under renovation and we have moved to a rented home about a few days ago. I haven't fetched all of our home appliances to this home due to its limited space! Yesterday, my baby girl was acting stubborn and I got forced to fetch our countertop beverage cooler to this home. My cooler was bought from a nearby shop, it has been a few months since we have it with us. It is in the best working condition, consuming only less electricity as well. The thing is in the kitchen there is only a switchboard, it consist of one socket and three switches, we already have a motor and an LED light on it. I have no other options than connecting the cooler to it! But I just wonder if it is ok to put such watt consuming things on a single board? My question is, is it ok if I connect my cooler on to the same? Or does it really require a dedicated circuit?
  3. Hey, this is my first post on this forum. Hope I'm at the right category. I accidentally broke our glass handrail. Actually, it isn't completely broken, yet it has a severe scratch, which can tempt to a crack soon! I only require a piece of glass guard with rounded corners, I haven't measured the size, but I can provide with further information if needed. My friend Tom is renovating his home, currently, he is working on his bathroom installation. So I called him to get help from the custom glass company he is working with. Actually, I wanted to know the estimated cost of replacing the snapped portion of the glass guard (Product and installation charge). They said they can tell the exact price only after inspecting the weakness! Like, if the defect is minor, they will fix it instead of installing a new one. I hope they will be coming home the day after tomorrow. Today, I have done a bit of online reading and found a few impressive DIY guard glass changing videos.I'm not sure the replacing process is as easy as the video, but I think I should give it a try! Yeah, I can get the glass piece from any company, maybe from the one suggested by Tom. Before heading into it, I just want to make sure it is possible or not! We all know most of the online DIY tutorials are a scam, probably won't work the way they have shown. I hope you will be able to guide me on this.