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  1. i got bad experienced with Inspxxe ID Stxdxo from tradehux21 branch a lot of hidden cost, before sales, this can that can, after sales closed, this can't that can't said previous ID resigned, now take over by other ID, and now can't fulfill previous commitment by previous ID, don't know this is their tactic or not. worse is the previous mutual agreed items did not write down, so , lesson learnt is, write down everything in the contract whatever they promise. their boss MD Axken Txo heard is a ganxster and threaten a lot people said he known some ganxxxx ppl, dont play play with him when feedback problem, the boss will show you black face like i am ganxster, seem like to tell us better u just accept it. their payment term as below which is unfair but we had already signed then notice (hope this help reader for info): -10% upon confirmation f contract -40% upon commencement of work ( put cement for masonry work then collect money) -45% upon carpentry measurement (meant they ask their third party carpenter from JB to measure then collect money already) -5% upon completion ( collect money upon finish, feedback about the defect early will not fix first but collect money then fix later) all after all, we surprise all the carpentry work + materials+workmanship all from JB, pay sing to get jb work..heart pain hope my humble feedback can save someone.. good luck guys..reno is a big job, better think twice when you cross this shop at tradehux21..