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  1. also, as a standby, can someone let me know a reliable supplier and installer of KDK fans? i have spend more than $400 on an elmark fan, and this is what i get. if the current supplier not making a effort to arrange someone for a proper repair job, i will get someone else to tear down the fan, and i wil personaly hack it to pieces and film the process.
  2. bought 2 ceiling fans from elmark last july. in late june this year, one of the fans got intermmitent problems with the sensor on the remote fan, sometimes can turn off sometimes cannot. Tried calling them then, but no one called back. call the sales person 2 weeks ago, she say will arrange for someone to drop by. indeed, the following day, someone called and offer to arrange someone to come around 4 to 5pm. SAID appt is confirm, any changes, will contact me in advance. took halfday leave for that. reached home at 3, waited until 6pm and no one turn up! called the dispatcher, she say will revert. shortly, she called and claimed that the repair man tried calling me and i did not pick up. My phone did not ring at all! I asked her to get the repairman to call me . 5 mins later my phone rang and the repair called and he he 'tried calling' me, and cant get thru ( another story). I confronted him and ask why he did not turn up as promised, my bloody gate was open, and NO One turned up.
  3. my less than a year old kitchen cabinet just collapse (the suspended type with the hob on top)! it is still under warranty it almost killed me. i need advise on how to seek legal action against the ID firm. pls help.
  4. got white homogeneous tiles. The joints are already greyish before i even move in. Any idea how to clean them? any good cleaning agent to recommend and where to buy? Thanks
  5. I have paid my id to box up my toilet pipings. Now that its done, I am afraid that the area will be prone to damages by water when I wash the toilet. i.e. Mould, rot etc. My id told me water proof board has been used, but I am worried on how waterproof it is. I asked him to tile up the boxed up portion like the rest of toilet, but he said the tiles might not hold up on the false wall. Any comments? He suggested using water proof paint work on the area. Now the boxed up area using same paint like those inliving room type.
  6. Anyone knows where to buy reasonable priced plastic flowers that looked real? My wife like them, especially those we see in I wanna Go Home, but the price there is Any other place i can find high quality ones like that?
  7. Hi guys, does anyone know where i can get LED spotlights, like this? http://www.croftandlittle.com/amf-big6xx-x...channelid=FROOG
  8. Hi guys, back to the topic on the SYCAMORE fan. cant find a suitable design for our modern looking living room, decided to drop by Elmark to see the sycamore. was told by the lady that all their Sycamore fans has 'motor from UK, fan put together in Taiwan' Display piece seemed to have below average finishing, very dissapointed, because was there to buy 2. retailing for 1388. 30% can be given. i remember the owner of the Sycamore thread says that his fan supposed to come from the Aust factory direct. Can someone clarify this? has Elmark made a replica, and sell it at the priginal price? or is the original Made in Taiwan? nonetheless, i am emailing the sycamore makers for more information.
  9. Hi guys, just wanna seek some opinion regarding the installation of slim hoods. Saw the inset drawings on the Teka webpage for their slim hood. it was indicated that we should leave a 'channel' from the top of the outlet of the hood, all the way to the top of the cabinet. seems to make sense to me. however, when i checked with my ID, i was told that he is going to do the other way ('normal practice') :- there will be no opening on the bottom of my cabinet, thus, no 'channel' for the outlet of the exhaust. instead, he will leave a 1CM gap between the top of the hood and the bottom of the cabinet, as such, the exhaust of the hood will be force to come out from the front of the hood. Is this practise normal? I have confidence in my ID, but am worried that the little gab for exhaust may hinder the performance of my hood (which is already so 'powerless'). ??? How is yours done? Will i face future problems if i do according to my ID instruction?
  10. I'm trying to seek valuable opinions here. pls post elsewhere if you are peddling your ware. you aren't even smart enough to conceal your relation with this company.
  11. anyone knows a reliable shop with very good workmanship to customise sofa at a reasonable price? Like the Nubar Sofa from www.welovair.com, but the original version has a short leg support, not so comfortable. something like the RootQ range from Life Storey at a fraction of the price would be nice also Thanks for your feedbacks!
  12. gave up looking for a rainshower that fits my budget and reliability requirements. Bought a Hangrohe E 150 3 air rainshower set today, and a basic model for my common bath. Looks Great! Like the frame design on the bedroom set dont have to worry about pressure problems somemore
  13. Any suggestions on the above? for hdb The china made ones are 300 plus, how about better quality ones, wtb? Looking for good undermount kitchen sink, Franke looks good, but way out of my budget. (around 300to400)
  14. Hi guys, I stay in HDB Went to a balestier shop recently, was introduced to a 'dont know what brand shower sytem' made in china, looks filmsy, the hand shower portion lfeels very plasticky. Cost around 400plus, with mixer i do not mind paying a little more for more quality product, but Hansgrohe is out of my budget (up to $600) Stumbled upon a Teka (model : Universe)recently when i was in the showroom, has anyone used that? any idea where it is made? reliable? next to Teka is Ferrara, which sell Crestial, claimed to be German brand, locally made. How good is that? Any other recommendations?
  15. Thanks for your reply. So, can i say that all those warping talk by the IDs are complete bull****? Any forseeable problems in future? Thanks