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  1. Thanks, this is very helpful. This is for self-use although I may resell eventually when I get too old to climb stairs. I'm attracted by conservation properties being quite rare/special and you get quite a bit of land for the price (probably because you can't build to 3.5 stories). But I'm worried about cost of renovation. Anyone with recent experience of how much that will cost, for 2500 sq ft land, footprint of 2000 sq ft on first floor, 2.5 stories, terrace conservation house? Thank you.
  2. Hi, am thinking of buying an old two storey landed residential terrace and knocking it down and rebuilding into a 3.5 storey. This is in a designated 3 storey landed residential area and the plot ratio is sufficient for 3.5 storey. My questions: 1. Is there a risk I need to pay a development charge, since the existing structure is two storey only? If so, roughly how much is the DC? Please assume I max out the built up area, to two times the current built up area. 2. Is there any difference in development charge if I do A&A rather than knock down/rebuild? 3. If I need an on-site inspection done before purchasing, how does it work - do I get an architect or a PE on site? Do they do it for free or how much do they charge? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm a newbie and looking for some advice on renovation of residential conservation houses. I see all these really nice photos of renovated residential conservation houses but am wondering how much of a headache they are to renovate/upkeep. Assume 2500 sq ft land, footprint of 2000 sq ft on first floor, 2.5 stories, terrace conservation house, and strict conservation rules apply. Specific questions: 1. Roughly how much will it cost to completely renovate the conservation house? Doesn't have to be absolutely top quality renovation, but assume I need to complete gut out the place because the conservation house has never been renovated before. I'm trying to understand how much more expensive it is to completely renovate a conservation house compared to just buying an "ordinary" terrace and knocking it down to rebuild. 2. Anyone with experience of roughly how much time the process takes, from engaging architect/PE (including application process) to completion? 3. Any experience of how troublesome the upkeep of the property is, after renovation is completed? 4. I understand there are strict rules on external facade of the property. For interior, are the rules quite relaxed so you can make it completely modern? Or do you need to keep the old staircases, cannot add two skylights, etc? Thanks!