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  1. I would like to take some time to comment for my ID, Melvyn Tan from Interior TImes. Previously for my old unit, I do up my house renovation by engaging contractor and totally regretted it and thus this time round decided to try engaging ID to have my house renovated. Knowing nothing much about renovation, my wife decided to look around via FB and came across few ID firms. After shortlisting afew of them, we contacted around 5 firms and met up with the respective IDs and Melvyn is one of them. To keep things simple and short, me and my wife have some ideas in mind and we shared same details to all the IDs that we have met. Out of the 5 IDs, 3 of them just followed what we wanted and do up quotes for it. Melvyn and the other ID are the ones that actually tried to ask more and gave us advise and alternatives. But to me and my wife, Melvyn is much more professional because he actually spent time asking whats our future plans, suggested what can/should be done and what can be done at later stage. We did tell all the IDs of the budget that we have in mind but only Melvyn and the other ID actually spend time to really understand the requirements. The other 3 of them did not meet up with other requirements(2 of them actually quoted lower than our budget) After much meetups/chats/discussions, we decided to engage Melvyn. 1stly, the company is casetrust accredited. The compnay also provides longer warranty than the other one. Another thing is, Melvyn is much more detailed and transparent in terms of the quote because there are items insde the quote which he finds it necessary to do and indicated inside. I find that its very important because I am sure that no owners would want to have 'surprises' like need to top up these and that, which are supposed to be included initially. He did mention to us that there are items which we might want to do and that might incurr cost but he did not include in the quote becasue its not a must to do. The renovation took about 1 and half mths as per communicated and I have to say that it went pretty smoothly. During the reno, he sent updates via grpchat that he has created, update us in terms of what will be done, when to meetup to select laminates etc. Me and my wife went up to our house whenever we are free and when we spot certain things that we feel that its not done well, he will check and update us. He will take time to explain why certain things are done in certain ways and he will get things fixed as long as its really a problem. Sometimes we will msg him during late hours and hes very nice and will reply us. Sorry to be talking so much. What I feel is, we as owners, should give good recommendations when someone has do good. Nowadays in this society, ppl always take time to speak of bad things but when ppl do good, we tend to take things for granted. I am very happy with my renovation and I will certainly refer Melvyn to my family/friends and anyone who ask me about renovation. Thumbs up to Melvyn!