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  1. hi, i have around 36 (28+8) pieces of decorative boards left over from a previous DIY project for my living room. i got it direct from indonesia supplier (at a lot of trouble, i must say) cos getting from certain IDs & wallpaper specialist in SG was too expensive for me. i have 2 models sold by jawawood that i would like to sell. PM me if interested, i am willing to let go at below market price. if you get more, i will sell lower price. i also have other essential materials to fix the boards for sale / contacts who can help fixing it if you can't DIY. also willing to trade for electronic items like pre-loved laptops, smartphones, tablets. Teak Deco Board XO - 28 pieces Teak Rayap Board - 8 pieces Teak Deco Board XO W300 x L1200 x T20mm 6mm hardwood plywood base Each wood pixel 50~120mm wide 1 Box contains 8 pieces of board (2.88m2) Extra-Ordinary(XO) type is most exclusive premium product of Deco Board series. Most of teak pixels are reclaimed from old Java fishing boat abandoned looking very seriously and boasting of its original color sense of decades. Teak Rayap Board L 1200mm x W 300mm x T 20mm Shiplap Non - finishing or Lacquer finishing 1 box contains 8 pieces (2.88 m2) Rayap means "wood worm" by Indonesian language. All damaged part of this board is naturally created by wood worms which normally live in the teak pillars of Javanese old houses. This board be called as real eco-friendly wood product and a beutiful creation of ecology totally designed by nature.
  2. Hi, can the LCD tv be mounted on the 'craftstone' wall, ie. drilling holes into the craftstone wall for the tv bracket?