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  1. Hi you should go for Swiss Interior, they have a very reliable and friendly team for renovation works.
  2. Hi you should check out these carpenters and contractors for your countertop.
  3. Hi you can check out these contractors here for kitchen countertop and bathroom installations.
  4. Hi, you can check out some countertop brands here and find contractors to install them as well.
  5. You can check out quartz countertop professionals and there is more information about other countertops available here as well.
  6. You can find many foldable door contractors here.
  7. You should check out these professionals to guide you they would have the answer to water filter problems.
  8. You can check out these solid surface or laminate countertops, heard they are good.
  9. You may want to check out some HDB door companies, from my experience there are different colours available.