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  1. So, i took another look, actually it's not smooth and I found out that its a skim coat of emulsion paint, well i think I should still seal it shouldnt I? Also i saw little brown dots..that were crawling on the wall. I think they may be book lice, so i think i gotta do some cleaning first using a fungicide or something 😑🙃
  2. Wondering if anyone knows how bad smelling are Expresskote fumes? Thinking of getting that as a sealer for the entire house
  3. @snoozeeOhhh thanks for telling the difference! I guess it's really just plaster then cause it's quite smooth. so I guess I need a sealer.
  4. Hi guys! Just wondering if my walls are actually painted white or is it plaster? Because the wall feels chalky, does it need sealer when getting repainted? Its a BTO Premium flat if that helps.