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  1. He has returned again as DSK Builders & Interiors Pte Ltd with a different Alias name. He is a Singaporean male whose real name is Kenneth Ezekiel. Now he often introduces himself as Kenny EK with a different alias (Ken, Kenny, Kenneth, etc). Beware. Many owners had paid him $50k to $100k with minimal or no works commencing. Contractors and Suppliers have large amounts owed to them despite work done / completed. Many of them tried to recover their debts to no avails.
  2. Require PE to kick off works for 2.5 storey A&A attic extension. Please PM me contacts or recommendation. Preferably with previous price that he/she offered you or a quote. TIA!
  3. Yeah. Almost everyone couldn't promise us a confirmed work completion date. Seems like it's better to delay the works until we get more certainty. A stalled construction is rather costly right...
  4. Thanks for the advise. We were told by some after their assessment that slab extension can be done for the roof. Do you have any experience on it? Is slab extension counted as Lego?
  5. I have a small inter-terrace with land size of about 82sqm which is currently 2 storey high and have an empty attic level. Planning to open up the attic level to make in greater usable space by doing an A&A to erect the roof attic. The house is in original condition, built around the 1960s. So thorough renovations on all levels are required. I had approached about 6 builders for quotations and the quotes had a wide range of difference. Quoting from 250k to a whopping 600k for that A&A. The higher ends quote had very expensive carpentry works. Some even had kitchen carpentry that cost 30k. After seeing the price range difference, I feel like a walking carrot... Any advise out there or people with experience in small size inter terrace attic extension? Want to know a realistic price range that I should accept. Also looking for experience, honest and sincere builders and PE recommendations. Going for prudent works.
  6. Bought a landed built in 1960s, looking to extent it from 2 storey to 2.5 storey. Hoping to do an A&A instead of rebuild. Any recommendations out here?
  7. Can I have the contractor details? Also do you mind sharing how big is your inter-terrace land?
  8. I am also looking for builders for extension. If someone can share a recommendation, please post it here.