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  1. Curious to see how other members will handle this situation. Anyone kena before? I paid my ID a fee of over $10,000 for the project management and design. Because of her fee, she said that she will not by charging any mark-ups on the invoices. I got suspicious because she didn't want to find more quotes for me for some add-ons and they were quite expensive. Then I ended up getting a quote from one of her ex-suppliers who gave a much better rate and he explained to me how she operates. He said she will approach the ID and ask for the cost price. Then she will add her own cut to it and issue us the invoice with the inflated amount. So she is stll providing me the invoices, but they are heavily inflated. It is quite crazy that this happens in Singapore and apparently it is common in the ID industry as the clients like us will never know the real pricing. What would you do in this situation? Is there anything that can be done?