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  1. another company i approached was city design told them very similar to what i told shirley and the guy actually called me within 2 days telling me that he has the quote ready. very impressive. when i reached there and asked for the itemised quote, he said he dont have it but he said total cost would be around 60K plus minus 10%. i dont need him just to tell me the reno wl cost me 60K siao. then he got bolder and asked me to sign with him! no way. why should i pay when i dont even know whats his price is. he thinks i am stupid or what. needless to say, that company and the guy are not doing my reno.
  2. got my 5a flat and went to few contractors to get a quote. i know exactly what i want and my budget is very realistic - 60K. walked ard imm and approach few of the companies stationed there and one of them being gplan - shirley. spent a good 30 minutes explaining to her abt my dream home and gave her the floor plan. almost a month later, finally got a call from her hi this is shirley fm gplan. r u still interested to do the project with us? err, i waited so long liao so finally decided to go with another company coz i thought you are not interested to take up my project (hello! i am just asking for a simple quote) no lah, i was busy with another project. so sorry. ok. thanks but no thanks. if she cant even handle a simple quote, good luck to those who has hired her to be ur co-ordinator. maybe my 60K budget is too low for her.
  3. k cool. maybe i wl give more tots to it n give u some ideas.
  4. 3 - 8 weeks, depends on how much reno you doing. looking at your brief description in first post, i say abt 3 weeks unless contractor delay coz not enuf manpower. st rm as wiw not a great idea as st rm is too small. if me, i combine bedrm 3 and mbr and do a proper wiw in bedrm 3. the wiw wl take abt half of the space
  5. city plaza at geylang serai take mrt to paya lebar, 7 mins walk. can stop over at tanjung katong complex. few reno contractors too
  6. if ur budget is 20K, then tell the contractor its 16K. u can actually go to city plaza and chk out some of the contractors there. dont go there to commit, just to get a quote. u r right, to save cost, just do a lay over. simple and fast and clean.
  7. in my humble opinion, for ur kitchen cabinet, its better to custom made. depending on the material and length, you can get it cheaper than ikea. wall covering in toilet, not advisable. better to use tiles unless its totally dry toilet which i doubt so. hacking walls and tiles, depends on ur contractor. some charge u less for hacking but charge u more for other items. if u get most of the items from a single contractor, then bargain. ask for discount. dun get sucked in by the free gifts cause nothing is free. choosing a contractor sometimes depends on ur luck. if they charge u much cheaper than competitors, then something is obviously not right. dont just go for lowest quote. ur relationship with ur contractor is very important too. lay over depends on floor size. material. ceramic? homogenous? why dun u post ur floor plan here
  8. first n foremost, this forum is truly wonderful. been reading the old post n feel so inspired. hope some of u can help just got a 5A unit at woodlands, 128 sq m. living alone. thinking of using black tiles for living room, maybe even toilet n kitchen. stripping timber for bedrooms. the theme will be simple, minimalist, modern, clean cut lines. i love the tiles at orchard mrt stn. anyone using that? where can i get it? thank you very much.