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  1. Hi, so just to give some back ground before going into the questions. We moved in about a year ago after doing a full renovation. About 4 - 5 months ago, we noticed that the paint on the ceilings of the toilets and some of the rooms were starting to peel. We checked in with out ID and he said that it was normal wear and tear and that it would cost about $1200 to repaint. Additionally he said that the oil sealant was not quoted in our contract. My wife and i both feel that it is not right that we are charged for the repainting, especially when the sealant step was skipped by the ID. Point to note: ID did not mention that we needed oil sealant (We would have gladly gotten it done if they had told us). So some questions that we have: Is it normal practice that Oil Sealant is not quoted? Is there anyway we can get the ID to rectify this problem? eg CASE? What should the lifespan be for a properly done paintwork? Thanks in advance!