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  1. Such companies are extremely useful and I personally had some problems with my air conditioner in the office and I had to look for someone to solve these problems. Being in Singapore, I called this company https://www.airconservice.com.sg/about and the people there came to my office the next day and solved everything quickly. In addition, because the air conditioner was old, it was necessary to clean it intensively and I was lucky that this company also deals with such things so that I was very satisfied.
  2. I turned to their services and really liked a lot.
  3. Actually, it's possible to fraud in such fields as Forex. It is harder to do the same in Crypto, for example, but Forex is a trash where every second schoolboy is trying to make millions. That is the exact reason why all those schemes are possible. When it comes to crypto, dogecoins, bitcoins, it’s more serious. You need a wallet; you have to be ready to learn a lot of information. That is why a lot of serous people are delegating this crypto marketing thing to agencies like insiderlearningnetwork.com that are taking care of their crypto for a small amount of commission. It’s good that we have such companies because you cannot have time always for a thing like analysing the market.