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  1. wow...i must say.. firstly, all of your comments and own personal experiences are really waking me up in terms of the financial aspects of this major life turning event of mine. to DSA, the first time i read your post, i was a bit stunned. thinking is he insulting me or trying to act smart, but i chose to re-read your post 2-3 times and realise, HEY, you do really know your stuff VERY WELL and you made perfect sense. no parquet flooring for me, just laminated flooring. i know i didnt state much details and i admit its because i haven got down to actually doing full blown research and familiarise myself with this whole, renovation thing, its jargons, etc. carpentry,painting, wetworks(with til now, i still dont know what it means). but yeah, several points and angles which i have not thought of came to light via your post, that cost aint everything. so now, i am left with two options 1. secure a reno loan and do a DECENT reno 2. save some more + personal loans frm non-interest generating sources(think:family) and add bit by bit. For now, I want to go to option 2. with concentration on putting tiles first and not 'kacau-ing' the electrical points. maybe add just lights first.
  2. Hi all, thank you for your inputs. i am trying to cut paste all replies and slowly read and digest. may i ask, if it is advisable i do my own painting? save $800. quite a bountiful in my terms. should i get all sub contractors? or go with the reno package? if reno package does it mean ID? b'cos i dont think i can afford ID or am willing to loan so much,for now.
  3. after sleeping well last night, me and Future Hubby decided we do not want a burden of reno loans on top of our current loans. Thus we will only be doing the bare minimum reno of no choice items like.. 1. Tiles for living room 2. Laminate flooring for all bedrooms 3. Install electrical points 4. Lightings 5. Kitchen cabinet 6. Fridge 7. Washing machine Any persons kind enough to know if 10k is enough to cover all this? As we are young couple, yet to plan our wedding(another simple affair) next year plus burdened with un-settled student loans, we decided, jus do only the necessary and for 'nice to haves' when we are more financially ready to splurge. thanks in advance for advises.
  4. hello peeps..finally finally got KEYS yesterday!!! yey...now i am too excited to know what to do next. any tips? Checklist. 1. Submit defects checklist to hdb within 7 days? 2. Look around for ID?
  5. a big THANK You to those who tried to guide IT-illiterate me and biggest thank you to HERBMAN76! yey...i like the new banner... i have a kitty actually...haha...but nevermind...effie and i were suggesting DVD nite..to those who may be bored
  6. hmm..i want to use the banner as well, may i effie? its very nice..
  7. to yokoyoko, CONGRATS...i am awaiting that feeling as well of collecting the 18 keys..hehe..
  8. dear ALL, my OIC called saying that i can defer the Marriage Certificate ... *phew...*
  9. dear ALL, i seek your advise. my dad just passed away a few days ago and I dont think i want to ROM this year. the AHG is finaly just granted 2 days ago. what shall i do now ...can i ask them to defer giving me the keys? or must I really go through with the ROM even though i am not ready for it..*all of a sudden*
  10. welcome! hello same blk neighbour!! but i haven got keys yet...as mentioned by hdb website, IN DUE COURSE...hahaha
  11. hmmm. i never knew the option fee will be returned. Thought it was 'burnt'. Thks!
  12. ahhh..no wonder they forgot abt me!!! blardy ****, wats taking the AHG so long, if dun wanna give, jus say...den gimme my 18keys...hahaha
  13. effie: congrats! yokoyoko: see la,..i think only both of us, i tink hdb must haf forgotten abt omg...
  14. ALL: do you think my 4rm can fit this bi-fold door? http://www.flickr.com/photos/27387640@N02/?saved=1 ermm..dunno how to upload peektures...
  15. bahh...yokoyoko, i think i am realli last. submitted HLE 1mth plus ago,got approved 1mth ago, and STILL hdb will inform me in due course. omg,getting crazy waiting and just waiting. dont noe what is stopping them from processing.
  16. yokoyoko, jia yooou...nvm, shld be soon, for HLE, website put 7days ley, mine gt approved ard that period...but NO keys! wic floor are you? so exciting. 1 same blk neighbour confirmed! PM me your unit ...!!! i tink called parquet.
  17. hi big orange/tfujiwara8, do you know anyone in 220B who got keys already? maybe my blk late ah?
  18. 220B. I want the keys early but donno whr to wait is the best, at least more cpf in the pocket.
  19. hi Bubbly, thks so much for the pic! big orange, have you got keys? is it too much if we keep calling our officer in charge of our case? i called her once already.
  20. hi herbman76, i agree with you. what i did was to do up a simple excelsheet and start thinking wat i want to do in each room and slowly start building it from there, otherwise there is simply TOO MUCH things to consider and factor in. RENO - Must haves (Needs)..e.g. Flooring, Kitchen Cabinets,Lighting, Wiring,Painting,Grills - Can haves - False ceiling? Built in wardrobe, shoe cabinet..etc - Luxuries - Nicer bathroom..haiz..this one like giving up the idea.. hope this helps.
  21. hi cacky, from gg to the showflats or basically flats that are doign reno now, kitchen tiles are done. and kitchen walls are half tiled. for bedrooms. i was thinking of built in wardrobe but was told at least will spend 3k+ piang..
  22. i think we bedok central gang almost everywhr in renotalk that i get confused and forgot whr i post ...haha anyways.. i was thinking of mounting the tv ..but given the short wall, hav no sofa, as it would definitely jut out and to me looks weird? any ideas hw to tackle this? beenies? huge one? plus..haiya..so sad still checking everyday the singpass link and just kept showing, HDB will invite you to sing the agreement in due course. haiz..
  23. hey guys, after looking at the short wall, and thinkin shld we make a panel to extend the wall, wic will den block the entrance to the lane to all rooms, OR placing the TV on the short wall... i was thinking of doin away with the sofa and just placing huge beenies (but not so poor quality ones) those you find in AU, for lounging, if you get wat i mean. do you think its practical to not buy sofa? its like my 4rm hall will just be a small corner if i place a sofa or coffee table...hmmmmm
  24. hi herbman76, thks for the info. roughly how much is all the payment? or all differs? must we pay on the spot for tv/radio license? anxious raayn...