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  1. Unexpectedly, leaders and politicians all simultaneously use social networks as the highest spiritual weapon when Singapore is in a complicated epidemic situation. According to statistics, it is an unexpected result when the announcement from Meta is sent down in 2021, there are 4.5 million users out of a total more than 5 million people in this “Lion” island nation. In particular, the most active participants are the leaders and politicians in their countries such as the President, Prime Minister and Parliamentarians (MPs) of this country. Mr. Chandreyee Ray, a student majoring in communication at the National University of Singapore (NUS) has an interesting statistic about the number of followers and likes Singaporean politicians. At the top is Prime Minister Ly Hien Long with 1.7 million followers via social networks, specifically via his personal facebook account, followed by young domestic ministers with several hundred thousand followers and interaction. While many countries are “struggling" using the health care and medical system with the infrastructure and backstage to protect citizens from the epidemic, and almost neglected the media and social networks to both fight against the COVID - 19. Sometimes, fake news causes panic among people and the government timely reassures them. We can not deny that Singaporean leaders have made good use of this medium. When the Covid - 19 pandemic was complicated, Singaporean leaders skillfully used Facebook as an effective way to convey policies, mentally preparing Singaporeans for an unprecedented long-term battle. For example, at the beginning of 2022, Prime Minister Ly Hien Long once advised people not to wear masks if they felt well. After that he suddenly changed this decision by posting a photo of himself wearing a mask on his personal Facebook and calling people to stay at home. The Prime Minister's message was immediately responded to by many people, all wearing masks to the street and more than 2 million people interacted, equivalent to nearly 50% of the population here. The normal reaction of every citizen when the government declares an outbreak of Covid-19 with social distancing measures that makes people anxious, even panic, and it is an inevitable that the mentality of hoarding goods. Therefore, the Interior Minister went to a large suburban supermarket, posted both photos and videos of the full shelves on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, and received more than 200,000 shares in a day. In today's context during and after Covid 19, we cannot deny the role and importance of social networks. Our psyche will probably be affected a lot with concerns about contact and collision after the pandemic along with the regulation to keep a safe distance, the connection will be more limited, losing a part of natural communication between people's relationships not only at work but also in everyday life. Instead of being confined in that environment, why not try to find more solutions that can bring the distance closer together in this 4.0 digital world. That will not be too difficult if we know how to take advantage of the power of communication and technology. Let gumi Group listen to all your problems and make them go away. We will work it out, give you the commitment and satisfaction you want. Along with this sustainable development - gumi Group provides customers with high - tech development solutions in the following areas: Platform solution and Website building Mobile Application Solution Technology solutions for the e-commerce industry AR/VR/MR Games (Web, Mobile and Social) Interactive motion For more information visit us at: Website : https://gumisolutions.com/ or contact email: contact@gumiviet.com