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  1. Hi. Having a good website has a straight impact on your business. Just take a look at how you buy products. The first thing you pay attention to is the look of the product. It's called UI or user interface. Actually, everything can be an interface. The main concept is to give the best user experience, so you'd like to buy it one more time. That's why good design increases the sales of the business. The better the site or app's usability is, the more income you'll get. Just take a look at this site https://www.nwcollege.edu/programs/advanced-aesthetics. It looks pretty and easy to use. If a site isn't comfy to interact with, you won't use this service anymore. Btw, it usually takes 3-6 seconds to understand if the site is comfy, so you should be very creative in creating a website.
  2. I really love Forever 21, but still haven"t found the best footwear store. Do you have anything to offer?
  3. As far as I know, when roof tiles reach the end of their life, both clay and concrete tiles can be recycled as crushed aggregate, at least that's what we did. We bought some strong trash bags here https://www.interplas.com/trash-bags to take tiles away. We had 120 of them, and all were successfully recycled into a crushed aggregate. I think you could also ask the workers because they often know way more than we do. Btw, I appreciate your interest in recycling. It's amazing that people care about the environment.