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  1. H1N1 flu cases in Singapore rise to 49.....
  2. Singapore confirms 13 H1N1 cases - Biggest number in a day.....bringing the total to 40.
  3. I'm getting Perfect Windows to come down to my place to fix on 20th. It cost total $300 for the whole house and it has 5 years warranty period. I also asked Sun X to come to my place to quote...very exp.
  4. Guys, Which would you choose? G1, GH1, 50D or 500D?
  5. Singapore confirms another 3 more H1N1 cases....total 18 now.
  6. Aunt of H1N1 patient becomes 15th case.
  7. Singapore confirms 2 more H1N1 case.....Total 14.
  8. Singapore confirms 1 more H1N1 case.....Total 12.
  9. Singapore confirms another 3 more H1N1 cases.....Total 11.
  10. Suggest you call the HDB maintenance...you sounded it's quite bad....
  11. Singapore confirms another 1 more H1N1 case.....Total 8,
  12. Actually they are not really caterpillars...I think should be baby centipedes or baby millipedes. They are too small to be differentiated....
  13. I have just checked my house. Has neither ants nor the "caterpillars". Heng....
  14. Singapore confirms 2 more cases of H1N1.
  15. Wow...that's really amazing....so the source of entry is by windows?