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Renovation Company In Yishun

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My experience with them is different. I met this Mr. Lee at our neighbour's flat and after informing him about our requirements and when we are getting our keys, he said okay but we haven't heard of him since.

I manage to see our neighbour after his renovations and he advised against choosing him. His comments are that there are a lot of delays and hidden costs involved. And if you have already signed with him, make sure he shows you the full laminate catalogue. My neighbour was almost smoked into choosing from one of the simple and probably cheaper laminates.

We felt quite lucky that he didn't contact us.

I just finish my last payment with Inspiration ID. No hidden cost. Mr Lee even did not charge me for the additonal power points and lightning point.

As for laminate catalogue, got 3 full book to choose from, see until my eyes tired. Sometimes, too many choices also problem, I can't make up my mind and keep changing the laminate. Mr Lee quite patient with me even though sometimes I last minute ask to change the design.


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Search under T-blog for my nick...it's at the bottom few...

Hi, could you pls post the link to your Tblog? I can't seem to find this. Thanks a lot.


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I got the quotation from Mr Lee from inspirAtion ID. he is fast in responding my queries compare to others. pricing is reasonable too. planning to meet him soon to know more , btw, Can I have Randy contact too ?


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- hacking of walls @ storeroom & kitchen entrance

- hacking of skirting @ living/dining , storeroom & bedrooms

- hacking of wall tiles / flooring @ kitchen & bathrooms

- hacking of tiles @ bedrooms passageway entrance

- hacking of concrete sink

- hacking of simple cornice @ living

- dismantle of kitchen cabinet

- dismantle of bathrooms accessories & fixtures

- dismantle of bathrooms doors & door frames


- supply & overlay vinyl flooring without skirting @ living/dining(ex-storeroom) & bedrooms areas

- supply & lay heavy duty non-slip homogenous floor tiles @ kitchen & bathrooms

- supply & lay homogenous wall tiles @ kitchen (exposed area) & bathrooms

- construct 50mm kitchen cabinet c/w side tiling & washing machine c/w full tiling base

- construct main entrance kerb

- HDB approved waterproofing membrane @ kitchen & bathrooms flooring


- supply & install L-Box @ living area

- supply & install false ceiling @ main entrance passageway , dining(ex store room) & bedroom foyer

- supply & install simple cornices @ 3 bedrooms


- replacement of whole house stainless steel piping(cold only)

- install PVC outlet drainage pipe lines to sink , basin & washing machine

- install 02x toilet bowl (owner provide)

- install 02x wash basin & tap (owner provide)

- install 02x instant water heater (owner provide)

- install 02x toilet accessories set (owner provide)

- install kitchen sink & tap (owner provide)


- design & fabricate L24ft kitchen cabinet in laminate finish & c/w ABS trimming , soft closing hinges & cutlery tray

- supply & install L12ft solid surface top

- install cooker hob & hoob (owner provide)


- paint of all internal walls & ceiling with Nippon Emulsion Paint (max 5 colours)

- paint of door frames & water pipes with Nippon Gloss Paint

- floor protection with corrugated cardboard

- chemical washing for kitchen & bathrooms

- disposal & haulage services & general cleaning


- supply materials & labour to make-good to damaged walls/ceilings after hacking @ storeroom & kitchen entrance

- supply materials & labour to make-good to damaged walls after hacking @ bedrooms passageway entrance

- supply materials & labour to plaster walls & ceiling @ living

- supply materials & labour to seal up ventilation gap @ 01x bedroom entrance top

- supply materials & labour to seal up aircon opening @ master bedroom


- design & fabricate L3.5ft divider / partition between dining (ex store room) & kitchen area.



(Whole House Rewiring & Installation)

- Lighting / Fan Point (25)

- Single Power Point (4)

- Double Power Point (9)

- Heater Point (2)

- Circuit Breaker (1)

- SCV Point (1)

- Telephone Point (1)

- Hob Point c/w Heater Switch (1)

- Door Bell Point (1)

- Sub-Main Cable (1)

- Data Point(Lan Point) (1)


So far got quotation from THL & IID ..

Yet with RC.

Btw mine is a Resale 4S in Yishun.

Current unit a 5I resale also on Yishun was renovayed by THL back in 2008.

That time was near to 39K for a whole house renovation.


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On 28 May 2011 at 3:17 AM, stardust205 said:

Thanks. We've engaged Mr Lee from Randy for our reno.

So far so good.. Hope it will turn out fine in the end!

How's the result? Do u think it's Worth to recommend to others? Thanks. 


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