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Nippon'S Plastic Drop Cloth: Our Woes Of Staying In While Renovating

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Hi folks,

I would like to share my first hand experience of staying in the flat while renovation is being carried out.

While the renovation works isn't a major one because it involves demolishing of an existing wall and the erection of hollow block walls, it had been a very stressful event for us.

And I'm swearing by this one experience that this is the first and the last that I hope we would be going through. The amount of dust; and dismantling and moving of furnitures all over the flat is a nightmare!

And I wish to introduce a great helper in protecting our furnishings: NIPPON PAINT's Plastic Drop Cloth




It is supposedly used for protecting furnishing while painting but we have decided to use it to suit our current needs i.e. to keep out dust generated through renovation.

Even though it isn't 100% fool-proof but it had helped us a great deal in reducing alot of cleaning that followed with the aftermath of a post-renovation. Those dust would just find their way and enter any gaps so having protection is better than none.

I just found this DIY video on Nippon Paint's website that talks about protecting furnishings before painting (or doing any reno works in our case).


Permission has been sought from Nippon Paint for this product (which has been used in my home) to be featured in this thread.

Kindly note that this thread is strictly for the purpose of sharing my humble & objective views of works and services provided by the aforesaid company. And not an advertising platform.

Reader's discretion is therefore sought when viewing this thread.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

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The good thing about using these plastic drop sheets from Nippon Paint is that we are still able to have a clear view of where we kept our stuff without having to grope around for it.

After the reno is completed with all personal effects of the contractor wheeled out of our home, we simply roll up all these plastic drop cloth; face up. And dump them straight into the rubbish chute - very neat and easy :)

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The paint for my home had been done up 10 years ago so the photographs had been very unforgiving especially when mine is not a designer home.

Paiseh :P

We would be repainting all our rooms with 3-in-1 medifresh which is our preferred choice of paints, that is when we have done up everything for our flat.

The verdict for NIPPON PAINT's plastic drop cloth is:


And we would be using them again when we paint our home :D


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