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Bad Experience With Homex Aircon Service

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My brother have had a very bad experience with them and this is the story:

My brother aircon was 8 years old and the compressor produced some noise whenever they switched on the aircon. One day, he was approached by serviceman A to look at the problem. He asked them to check the aircon compressor and serviceman A said that he need to change the rubber belts in the compressor because of wear and tear. Serviceman quoted him $220 for the change. My brother didnt take up the offer that day.

On another day, he was approached by serviceman B and asked if they need aircon services and my brother asked him to take a look. Serviceman B diagnosed that it is not the rubber belt that needs to be replaced, but its some other parts and he take a lot on the technical stuffs to my brother and claiming that he was the chief engineer of his company, ensuring my brother that he can trust him. So, my brother trust his diagnostics and asked him to give him a quotation. Surprisingly, when my brother looked at the invoice, serviceman B is from the same company as serviceman A and the quotation was $380! My brother told him about serviceman A and serviceman B quickly changed his mind and state that probably changing the rubber belts would solve the problem and agreed to do it at $220 instead. My brother proceed to pay him $220 to do the job.

The next day after the job was done, my brother found that the aircon is not blowing out cold air anymore and asked him to look at it again. Serviceman B came back and said that the gas leak and need to top up $50 to top up the gas for the aircon. He also said that there might be a leak somewhere in the piping and they will need to top up $50 every month to top up the gas. Alternatively, he can pay him $300 to check all piping to identify the leaks and $400 to resolve the leak problem or if it cannot be resolve, nothing can be done and my brother still has to top up $50 every month to top up gas.

My brother told serviceman B that they have no problem at all before he change the rubber belts and the aircon was working fine. Serviceman denied that it is his fault and said that the leak might already be there and it is not because the gas leaked when he changed the rubber belts.

My brother pay $220 to create more problem? Sounds ludicrous isnt it? Either pay a huge sum of money to resolve the problem or upkeep $50 every month to top up gas? Sounds ridiculous isnt it? I hope home owners will be more prudent or think twice before engaging aircon services from them.


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Hi there

I totally agree with you. Whoever that sees our story, to please reconsider when you want to service your aircon. Best to engage a realiable service company or go back to your agent where you got your aircon from, even if it means paying alittle more.

My case happened last week. We engaged Homex as they came door to door offering steaming packages at very good price. With children hyper allergy to dust and bugs these days, we decided to use Homex and try their steam clean specialty.

Appointment was made for 515pm but the technician came at 6pm. Servicing and checking of the indoor and 1 outdoor unit were done by 7pm. The last was the masterbedroom condensor unit where he had to open the unit to check the gas level. He broke the valve connecting the tubings. He said it was no big issue and said will repair the next day with a new spare part.

The technician came the next day at 6pm. Attempted to repair and connect the valve. Brazing was required and he was not a specialist. Long story short - he melted the new spare part as well as the inner parts of the condensor. We had to change the whole outsoor unit, costing us almost $2000/-.

It was a nightmare for us all! A simple servicing turned into a string of problems leading to unnecessary hefty sum of money.


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