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Replacing Ceiling Fans And Covering The Previous Installation Holes

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Hello Everyone

Request you to share your experience and suggestion for the following

I have Elmark ceiling fan in all bedrooms. It is almost 10 years old and started running very slow. I do not know the true problem. During the past 10 years I have replaced the internal capacitors on the fans when fan does not run. Average I might have replaced 3 capacitors on each fan. Now the problem is it runs very slow. So I bye pass the speed control unit and connected directly. Still no improvement.

So I am planning to replace the Elmark fans with KDK fans or Another fan called USHA. The problem is these fans has different mount than Elmark. I want to mount the replaced fans at the same location as previous one. so the mount point has to be very strong and secure when we refill the holes of previously drilled location.

How do we cover the holes? I suppose the normal cement may not be very good. Perhaps some chemicals or some other materials needed. Any one can share your experience and suggestions?

Thank you


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Hi Catherine,

You have mentioned USHA fans. Are these the indian-made fans that you are referring to? If so, would you be able to direct me on where to purchase such brand names.

Thank you.

Khalid AJ


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