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Possibility Of Getting Back Deposit?

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Dear All,

Need some enlightenment for my frustration with appointed ID.

After our careful evaluation, we finally make our deposit and appointed our ID from a reputable interior designer. However, things totally reversed upon the engagement.

1. ID never deliver his 3d to us as promised within the two weeks time-frame. Keep chasing after him for a period of 2 months.

2. Finally got the design, however, design seems to be typical with no creativity at all. Seems like he just pluck it off somewhere to tackle our chase.

3. Told him about the unsatisfactory and he says will try to amend and give us within a week.

4. Delay happen again and we keep chasing him for it. His excuse is that his designer is very busy.

5.Got our keys and still waiting for his reply. We have totally lost confident in him and regretted appointing him.

All conversation with him has being capture via sms exchanges. We have intended to change to another ID by now but wishes for a refund of our deposit due to the bad services he rendered.

a. Any chance for us to get back the deposit though the contract mention deposit is non-refundable

b. We have given him a very reasonable period of time to deliver what he promise, but each time he failed.

c. We have engage him since Early Sep 2014 and till now, he have yet to produce the 3d to us. Five months to wait for 3 d which he mention 2 weeks can be done already. Strongly feel that 5 months of waiting is reasonable.

Do you think that i stand any chance to get back the non-refunded deposit?

Will CASE be able to mediate on this?

Frustrated Owner.


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