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M1 = Moron #1 Use Them At Your Own Risk

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Share my nightmare with M1

Case 1:
Moved house so applied for home broadband relocation service and recontracted to the 1Gb plan. Service was activated at the new address in May.
1) June's bill was still sent to the old address.
2) My billing cycle is that I'll receive bill at month end with pre-payment for next month eg. May's bill payment for period 20 May - 19 Jun. Received June's bill at end June and no adjustment made to the plan rate for previous bill and I was still being charged the old non contractual rate instead of $39.
=> Called M1 Customer Service on 3 Jul and told them the above 2 issues. Their reponses:
1) Their system was still showing my old address as the billing address.
Conclusion: I was like what???!!! Isn't it common sense that the new address should be the billing address when I'd applied for relocation service? You mean I still need to call the billing team separately to inform them that i've new billing address??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My goodness that shows how inefficient the processes and systems are in M1.
2) Their system was showing I was on the old non contractual broadband plan and not the $39 plan.
Conclusion: It's been more than 1 month since the new service was activated and yet they have the guts to tell me their system was showing I'm subscribed to the non contractual plan!!!!!!!!!! That shows how super duper lousy and not synchronised their systems are, more than a month and still not populated with the updated info?????!!!!!!!!!!
Hey M1 (aka Moron#1), your systems suck and you fix it, not ask your customers to suffer.
=> Billing team said adjustments will be made and reflected in next bill. Comes Jul bill and adjustment was indeed made but the incorrect amount. Called Customer Service again and they said the adjustment was made based on the new service start date of 3 Jul (the day I first contacted them). NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how many times do i need to repeat the whole story and apparently their system still didn't have the updated info of my new service effective in May and it's already Jul, 2 months later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So they offered to waive and made adjustment (again). Comes Aug bill and they still couldn't get the bill correct!!!!!!!!!! Simple math that a primary school kid can do and yet they can't, what a 'brilliant' team. The previous bill adjustments was correct but they 'act smart' to do more adjustment which only result in me being charged double!!!!!!!!!! For 3 consecutive months they couldn't get the bills correct and each time I've to do the calculations and call them this is the correct amount to be charged!!!!!!!!!!!
Case 2:
When the service was activated at the new address, new modem was brought in as original old modem couldn't support the 1Gb service. The installation guy didn't take back the old modem, and when I asked him if that's still required, he said no.
4 months down the road, Moron #1 'suddenly remember' that they didn't collect back the old modem and so they decided to charge me $200++ for loss/damage of old modem.
=> Called them and told them it's their installation guy's fault who had forgotten to take it back. I asked him if required anymore and he said no. I simply heard what he said and discarded it eventually 2 months later. Apparently they very much insisted on me paying them $200++.
Conclusion: M1 has no integrity, their employees made mistake and they made customers pay for it. I was merely listening to what their staff said: NOT REQUIRED. So are they saying that their staffs' words cannot be believed? because they don't know and they simply say whatever they like. Am really DxLxn with them, if not for the contract in place, will stop using their broadband service man.... told all my friends and colleagues of their behaviour and better don't be their customers otherwise will only cry father cry mother everyday. If they die die want me to pay that $200+++, fine, will pay them, will take it that I'm donating to a beggar, a #1 MORON beggar.

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I agree with Namja,

M1 is badly managed.

My Home fiber broadband ($39 monthly) is due for renewal mid October 2015.

I received M1's October 2015 invoice with amount exceeding $39. I called their call center and they explained that M1 assumes that I will not be renewing my broadband service and therefore they automatically charge a 'non-promo rate' for the period after the contract expiry. However, they will waive the additional charges if I renew my contract with M1.

I requested to extend my contract for another 2-years but was informed that renewal cannot be done over the phone or online. It can only be done at M1 service centers.

I took the trouble to visit their service center at Paragon for the renewal. I waited for 43 minutes and finally Christin served me.

She took a lot of effort to cross-sell me services/products (more powerful wireless routers) to bundle with my broadband renewal. I told her not to waste time as all I wanted was to:

1) renew my home broadband service

2) waive the additional charges in my October invoice

She told me "For the waiver of the additional charges, you need to call M1 to check on the request as I cannot help you".

My temperature rose but kept my cool "Excuse me, are you not M1???"

She replied "But Mr Lee, this is service center not call center. Whatever that call center informed you, you need to check with them"

I told her "Get your manager out here and stop wasting my time!!"

Finally she went into a room and returned 10 minutes later to inform me that it is confirmed that the additional charges will be waived and it will be offset in the following month's bill.

I thanked her and told her to feedback to their management that M1 should allow renewals over the phone/internet.

She replied "No lah, how we cross-sell other services/products if you do not come down to the shop?".

Before I lose my cool, I decided to leave.

Moreover, it is not her fault but M1's management that put together such silly structures and policies.


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