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The Key To A Better Organization And Flawless Relocation

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To overcome the obstacles of the relocation, for example, the search for the right agency for furniture removals or the search for the perfect size of the removal van - you should plan everything in advance. Start preparing the details about the move quite earlier indeed, like a month or so before the moving date. The most important thing is not to rush, because you can forget or miss something in the hurry. There are activities and tasks that you should do a month or two before the move, as well as a week and only a couple of days before the move. Next is a short list with key tasks and activities that will guarantee a flawless relocation.


- Take a pick of the right ways to reduce the volume and number of the removals. You don`t want to hire a big company with men for every task, who will move all your furnishings and other possessions to the new house, only to make a decision that you want to get rid of a certain object while unboxing. That`s why the key for a better organization of your possessions is to make a thorough inspection of what you really want to take with yourself. Get rid of the useless objects on time. You can store them temporarily in a storage room, sell them or to make a donation, but hoarding in the closet is not a good idea. By doing so, you will definitely reduce the size and number of the removal boxes and thus make the organization of the entire move easier.

- Find the best agency for your move. The good movers are not always with the most expensive services or with the biggest trucks and crews. In order to avoid any troubles during the move, try to find the perfect movers at least a week before the move. Discuss all the details and schedule the moving day quite early too. The professional movers will help you to take a pick of the best van for your needs, as well as offer you the perfect complimentary services such as packing, sorting, de-cluttering or even for the arrangement of the heavy furniture in the new house. Another way to find the perfect company is to make an investigation of the companies in your region by yourself. Stroll through the sites of the companies and check out the information about their services, the specs of their vans, etc. Asking quotes is another great advantage, which will help you select the offer on the best cost basis.


- Organize all activities and every single item of your belongings in a moving checklist. If you hire a big agency for big house removals, they may give you an inventory sheet or they can make the entire inventory. In all cases, organizing everything in a checklist is the best way to avoid the chance for forgetting something in the last minute atmosphere. A checklist helps you to keep easily everything in order and to supervise the activities. Attach a floor plan of the old and the new houses to the checklist. Even the simplest sketching of a floor plan can facilitate the tasks of the movers. Just include all the important sizes and dimensions, such as height and width of the doors, the number of the floors, highlight the locations of the piles with boxes and bags, as well as exact locations if there are any obstacles along the route, etc.


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