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Hi fellow new home owners, i would like to share my curtains and blinds vendor with you guys that did my place so beautifully because me and my wife feel that sharing is  caring, i mean who doesnt wants their own place to look beautiful and cosy right?. as fellow owners i myself did a lot of research in the aspects of renovating our new place, my wife did all the colouring samples choosing with our vendor (CK). we've spent weeks and months just to get our place done and the amount of trips down to our new unit just to get it done is so tiring. we were first approached by CK when we were on our way to collect our keys at the carpark, at first we were not really keen on curtains and blinds first because we havent collect our keys so we took his name card for reference. so in the end we called a few companies down to give us quotation ( we've asked 3 companies including CK) as we go through the day of quotation waiting for vendors to quote us. ok long talk short say, in the end CK came up and did his measurements and to our surprise that his price was quite ok as compared to others and so me and my wife decided to sign him as our curtains and blinds vendor. CK our curtain vendor spent a few hours with us just to help us in choosing the colours, his dedication to help us choose the colours help us beautify our place to look like home we wanted. and i notice some other vendor will "eat" abit of the sqf here and there as told by CK. So guys be careful when dealing with such vendors. 

We Did Day and Night curtains for our living hall as we feel that blinds would be too office look for our hall. as for our rooms we have our individual room colours so CK suggested we go for blinds to make the room more lively as it suits to their colours. 

Our daughter's room we did pink blinds for her as she likes pink,

my study room i've wanted to have some privacy when doing work so i did venetian blinds as i could allow breeze and sunlight to pass through when i'm sitting down on my desk with privacy.

as for our master bedroom we did roller blinds is because my wife don't like our room to be very dark so we did roller blinds. CK warn us that there will be gaps in betweens the blinds the sunlight will be sipping through the gaps but we are fine with it. (i personally like curtains more than blinds because it feels more like home but in the end choose blinds because we thought of the maintenance of the curtains is very jialat after that)

we did venetian blinds for our toilets too although there is this frosted films but we did some test on the films as suggested by my fellow neighbours here to our surprise the frosted films could be see through 100% when water is splashed on it and management will not do anything about it as it has been hand over to us. 

As for our balcony we did outdoor blinds to cool off some heat during the day but this one we cant choose colours other than the management approved colour. 

Overall expriences with CK is wonderful as he attend to our special requests due to fengshui reasons and help us in choosing what we need for our places. So i would recommend him to all other that who just received their new place keys. 

CK 83635326.









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