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Avoid this roof contractor

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I post this in multiple places hoping that there won't be another victim like me.

I engaged a water proofing contractor called Yun Quan Roofing Integrated, a China guy by the name Ah Quan (9381 1085) for my leaky roof. He couldn't speak or write in English but I still give him a chance not knowing what a big mistake I am making. A few days after paying him $1800 for the work, it rains, and none of the three original leaks has been fixed at all. The moment he answered the phone, he said is not his responsibility anymore. He has already done his job, he said. After threatening him, he came and fix one of the 3 leaks. He promised to come back. Set the appointment, never turn up and when I call to see if he is still coming after waiting 3 hours, he didn't want to answer my call at all. What an irresponsible guy. It's already more than a month and I think I make a big mistake and I hope who ever see this message learn from my mistake. Thought of taking this to CASE but I guess its not worth it because there is no written quotation and the invoice is one hand written chinese line that says he guarantee 5 years.

For all the home owners who need water proofing services, my advise is to engage local professional contractors who can give you proper written quotation. Don't regret like me.


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