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Toilet making weird sound - video uploaded

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Did you recognize from where the sound is coming?

If the sound is coming from the toilet tank, then I'm pretty sure it's causing the bad fill valve. Open the flush tank and observe the fill valve and adjust it. Search on youtube, you will find a lot of video how to adjust toilet fill valve. If it happen again then I will suggest you to to get a new toilet fill valve and replace it with the old one.



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On 12/31/2016 at 2:57 PM, LuckyKhoon said:

Lets try the following : (recruit 1 family member or friend to help you)

Stop usage of all water.

Are there still any noise?

One of you try standing right below the storage heater, while the other try

a) flushing the WC.  

b) turning on taps. 

c) turning on showers.


Do this area by area to isolate the noise. Check if it comes from within your unit.

try what luckykhoon suggested. usually its a case of a worn seal in one of the faucet and all u need to do is to just replace the faulty one.


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